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Law firms using GrowPath Intake increase their number of signed clients by 10% in the first year.

How could GrowPath Intake translate to additional profit for your firm in just one year?

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Why focus on intakes?

Disorganization can be very costly. Getting potential clients to contact you is one thing. But it means little if you don't have an efficient and effective intake process. Many firms' intake processes are not processes at all. They are paper chases of lists, spreadsheets, and archaic CRM software that does little more than collect and store data - data that could convert your next client.

...the single most important thing most law firms can do is improve their intake process.

2016 ABA Benchmark Study on Law Firm Intake Process

GrowPath Case Management is a serious time saver. I can create a demand letter with four clicks of the mouse. What used to take me ten minutes in our old case management software now takes ten seconds.

- Case Manager

Game changing case management.

Your practice is more than your cases, and your technology should help you with the details while also providing a bigger picture view of overall firm health and opportunities for growth.

Reach your business goals faster.

Technology is the starting point for many firms ready to grow.  GrowPath Consulting is the means to help your firm identify critical issues and implement a strategy to propel firm growth.

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