GrowPath Intake


Today's most successful law firms
prioritize intakes as a best practice.

Intake conversion goes hand in hand with lead generation as one of the most critical steps towards signing a paying client.  GrowPath Intake empowers law firms to:
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Close More Cases

Convert more callers into signed clients. Uncover new cases by cross-selling and mining current contact data.


Identify High Value Leads

Our patented scoring algorithm empowers intake professionals to quickly identify, respond to, and close valuable cases.


Increase Productivity

Customize the program to your firm's unique needs and streamline key business processes.


Gain Actionable Insights

Track activity along the intake process that translates into data-drive decision making to grow your firm.

GrowPath Intake Adds Value to Firm Employees
Across the Intake Process

Firm Management
Intake Supervisors
Intake Professionals
Firm Management

» Increase productivity without increasing your employee roster.
» Evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising spend.
» Monitor employee activity for accountability and efficiency.

Intake Supervisors

» Onboard and train intake new staff quickly.
» Empower your team to identify additional potential intakes.
» Easily distill data into digestible reports for firm management.

Intake Professionals

» Minimize time spent on duplicate data entry.
» Quickly view your most important tasks and take action.
» Communicate with the potential client directly from the record.
» Sign new clients via text or email while on the phone. 

Customer Testimonials

Dean Waite

Founder & President,
Dean Waite & Associates, LLC

"It's easy to use. It works. The staff loves it. It organizes all of my intake information so that I can track the status of our leads in real time.

We sign more quality cases because of GrowPath Intake."

Mark Gervelis

Founder & President,
Gervelis Law Firm

"We use the algorithm tool built to our firm's specifications to help decide which cases to sign and which ones to prioritize.  

And we are signing more of the cases we want as a result."

"We now sign up well more than 90% of the cases we want. And when we don't catch a case, it's not because of disorganization."

- Jim Farrin, President & Founder of
the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin


Close More Cases.

  • Customizable help text empowers intake professionals to speak knowledgeably and instill confidence in potential clients.
  • Ensure consistent follow up with automated, personalized emails and text messages to clients you've not yet signed.
  • eSign capabilities to securely sign clients via text or email.

Increase Productivity.

  • Customize workflows based on case type, quality score, and other criteria.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry with seamless integration between third party services and your case management system.
  • Cloud-based model allows you to access your intake remotely.

Identify High Value Leads.

  • Patented algorithm allows you to score leads, identify valuable clients, and prioritize follow up and marketing efforts.
  • Advanced search functionality to quickly mine your existing database for potential clients for lucrative new cases.

Gain Actionable Insights.

  • Dashboards provide key information at a glance including conversion rates by case type, marketing channel, time of day, or other criteria you choose.
  • Review daily reports delivered to you at the same time each day so you can quickly make the decisions that move your firm forward.
  • Hold key constituencies accountable including staff, managers, marketing agencies, and third-party service providers.

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