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3 Special Offers for Needles Users to Increase Profit During Pandemic Times.

GrowPath firms are making more money and closing cases faster.

If your firm is using Needles software – especially a server-based version – this pandemic has probably not been easy. Many days likely feel like you?re just putting out fires. GrowPath’s founder, Eric Sanchez, has been there.

His firm used a “souped-up” version of Needles for many years before he built GrowPath.

That inside knowledge and experience has inspired us to offer current Needles users an array of options for improving how their firms can run.

Available Options

Option 2
GrowPath Insight

Get the state-of-the-art reports and dashboards you’d get with GrowPath’s business analytics and reporting package – without having to switch your case management if you aren’t ready yet.

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Option 1
Eric Consulting

Eric will personally spend an hour understanding your needs and then customize a plan for you within 48 hours. You’ll be shocked at how many fires he can extinguish for you once and for all.

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Option 3
GrowPath Case Management

If you’re ready for a case management system to lead you into the next 20 years, you can’t beat GrowPath’s record for perpetual innovation.

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With Needles, we didn’t get what we had wanted, which was automatic reminders to plan out your day for you, to make it easier for the case managers to run their cases. With GrowPath, the day’s all planned out for each case manager, which I really love.

Thomas, Chief Experience Officer

Prior to creating GrowPath, I ran one of the largest plaintiffs’ firms in the Southeast (200 staff, 17 locations). We couldn’t find a tool that could do everything we wanted, so I built one, taking what I know about software and combining it with nearly 20 years of knowledge on how to efficiently run a PI firm.

The tool that resulted was so powerful and revolutionary that the firms I consult for also wanted it. That’s how GrowPath was born.

Eric Sanchez, GrowPath Founder & Advisor

We caught a potentially million dollar mass tort solely because of the Buzzwords feature.

Michael, Attorney

In our first year using GrowPath, we reduced our average case time by a month, which translated to $899,843 in extra revenue.

Michael, Attorney

With GrowPath I can instantly see where all of my cases are, who is handling them, what status they are in – everything! Plus I’m able to see how my marketing is working.

David, Firm VP

I have to say I did have reservations at the beginning but now, seeing what GrowPath has to offer, life has been much easier.

JoEllen, Firm Administrator

I love being able to access GrowPath from anywhere! If I’m thinking about a case late at night I can quickly log in from my laptop at home and check what has been done or set a reminder for myself. The cloud-based data feature has been game changing.

Stephanie, Paralegal

We never would have emerged from the pandemic as unscathed as we did without GrowPath. It’s been key to our ability to work remotely, measure the quality of cases and leads coming in, and continue to make sure everything is pristine with every employee and case. If your firm does plaintiffs work, I strongly recommend taking a look.

Attorney Jeremy M., GrowPath client

GrowPath Insight
Some Popular Legal Reports

Settled Cases Dashboard

The “make it rain” report highlights the sources of your success.

Settlement Posture Dashboard

Our attorneys call this the “show me the money” report.

Open Cases Dashboard

Nothing is more foundational than this report.

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Get to Know Eric Sanchez


“The best thing about Eric is that he’s honest. He’ll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I never felt like he was trying to sell his technology. He even volunteered other options. He wants to solve your problems and move on. Eric rocks.”

Darryl Isaacs, “The Hammer”, Isaacs & Isaacs

GrowPath Insight


“GrowPath’s reports help me make sure things are being done efficiently, on time, and how they should be. I couldn’t imagine navigating this pandemic without it.”

Dean Waite, Dean Waite & Associates

GrowPath Case Management

Organize your firm with intelligent tasks and reminders, centralized document storage, and single-click communications – all stored in one, secure place with GrowPath case management software.

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