Whether you’re an attorney or a paralegal, when you’re juggling a number of cases all at once, it’s easy to unintentionally let things fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, letting things “fall through the cracks” when you’re in the business of law could mean missing crucial deadlines or meetings that can adversely impact your client, the case — and your reputation.

As the legal industry becomes more reliant on technology, you’ll notice that almost every case management software out there has a central homepage or dashboard.

However, these tools are only as effective as how they are designed.

Many firms force their staff to use a program that’s outdated or fails to meet the broader needs of the firm — which, for the modern law firm, extend beyond mail merge and task management. But, each firm’s requirements are different. You want a system that you can configure to your needs, and not be forced to create workarounds to because of the limitations of the software. We like to say that GrowPath was built by lawyers for lawyers, and that’s why GrowPath is specifically focused for law firm operations.

As a matter of fact, some of the pain points we’ve heard most often about other software dashboard features are:

  • It’s difficult to configure, manage, update, and maintain.
  • The user’s screen is too cluttered with reminders and notifications for it to actually be a benefit.
  • Users have to click on separate, individual tabs to seek the information they need, translating to wasted time.
  • Documents in the software take a long time to load and/or open.
  • The software itself runs slow.
  • No data reporting or “reporting” on superficial data points — not data of practical value.
  • User interface is outdated.
  • The intake system is not integrated into the case management system.
  • The poorly “integrated” intake and case management software, requires staff  to spend an inordinate amount of time verifying the information between the two systems — resulting in time spent verifying data integrity, double entry of data, and various other inefficiencies.

Do one or more of these sound familiar? These are pain points one could easily solve by using software that streamlines the information you need, while still being user-friendly and accessible to all.

“Either run the day, or the day runs you.”

Jim Rohn

What GrowPath can do for your firm from intake to case resolution is revolutionary in light of currently available solutions. We aim to upset the status quo of current case management software. But first, how exactly did we build our software to be the best out there?

1. Zoom into the micro-details of a case and zoom out into a macro view of your firm’s (or an individual’s) performance

GrowPath empowers you by putting the information each individual user might needs on one screen. The case view allows you to be able to see exactly where the case is in the life cycle and where it’s been. One can simply hover over the status bar at the top of a case file and be able to track how long a case has been in a certain status, how it moved from one stage to the other, who moved it, and when it was moved.

GrowPath saves you time by having all this information at your fingertips. Depending on your firm’s roles and practice area, GrowPath can be configured to the law firm to display the things that are important to you. By having all that information at your fingertips, you’re able to quickly digest what’s going on with the case.

You can easily see where the bottlenecks and hot spots that need the most attention are, so you’re not wasting time putting out candles when there’s a bonfire elsewhere, so to speak.

Needles was very siloed. If I needed to find information about a case, there was not a central location for me to search through one case, let alone what other cases have similar characteristics. I had to go and find that information manually by sorting through every single case.

– eminent domain paralegal

2. Be reminded of the things you need to be reminded of “in real-time”

With GrowPath’s Matter Trackers, users can have customized views unique to them which filter actionable items into workable lists. From that vantage point, they can see what their role is from beginning to end, and what’s in front of them is always the most updated information.

In addition, not only do you have reminders that are specific to one case, but it also reminds you when a case needs attention from something as simple as a milestone, like your 30-day follow-up with a client, or something more complex like all cases where a settlement check was deposited more than 14 days ago,  and the disbursal has not been scheduled.

Every firm may have some different nuances to the types of things they want to track. Matter Trackers have the flexibility to give you the insights regardless of what it is that you’re trying to look at. Think configurable, stay away from customizable. Same goes for integration, or as some like to call it, “extensible,” as these are synonymous with expensive.

One paralegal describes Matter Trackers as a “net” to help catch items so as to reduce – or eliminate – the “cracks” where things can, and do, fall through, from intake to disbursal.

“Needles would cluster all notifications and reminders together so if you got behind on your work because you were, say, waiting for the hospital to send your client’s bills to you, it would keep piling up. If you are behind, you’re no longer working in ‘real time’ so you were constantly battling to climb a very steep mountain. It was honestly confusing and overwhelming to do it that way. It felt like I wasn’t being productive and moving forward with my workload.”

– personal injury paralegal

3. Save time and run your firm from the fast lane.

Lots of people out there will tell you about how they can save you time. Some are legacy systems that still require locally-installed software. Some are adaptations of legacy systems moved to the cloud. Others still are cloud based systems with limited capabilities. Not GrowPath. GrowPath is a unique cloud-based software holding over 15 patents.

Our software was designed specifically to help you accelerate the rate in which your firm is closing cases. It helps inform you so you can make sounder business decisions. It helps enable you to have better visibility over your staff and all of the cases you’re trying to resolve, along with their status and rate of progression. GrowPath helps you gain efficiencies you may not have known were possible or existed, but at the heart of it all, it can help you better organize and manage your law firm so you’re closing cases faster.

At the same time, GrowPath means stability for you, the owner/partner. You get a better high-level understanding of your firm, with its strengths and weakest links, and be able to capitalize on that information.

As one personal injury firm told me, “we were maxed out at a caseload at 100 cases in [competitor software]. With GrowPath, our paralegals were able to maintain 50 more cases individually without an issue. Since we were moving them faster. Our firm trimmed off over two weeks on average per case, which, depending on the case level, is potentially $10,000 a day.” 

“Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have.”

John Maxwell

In empowering you to see your individual cases and your entire caseload from A to Z, GrowPath provides one solution. In helping you prioritize the chaos and sealing up those cracks where things are falling through, it provides a further solution that’s ahead of other software in existence. Interested in seeing what that looks like? Schedule your demo here.

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