David Chamberlin, VP of Marketing at Law Offices of James Scott Farrin

David Chamberlin

Vice President of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing for the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, David focuses on ensuring that the firm provides an exceptional quality-driven client experience and accurately and effectively communicates this message to consumers. He is the driving force behind Farrin’s extensive and widely-recognized network of TV, Internet, and print advertising, and his marketing efforts have helped propel the firm into one of the largest plaintiffs firms in the Southeast. David has led several past streamlined operational initiatives and is also actively involved in client relations and multiple management initiatives.

“David has an incredible work ethic and drive. He has built, and now oversees, an exceptional marketing effort that continues to bring in high-quality cases,” said firm Founder and President, James S. Farrin.

David also acts as a consultant and advisor to other law firms, guiding them on efforts to grow their client bases through enhanced marketing and growth strategies. He relies on data to optimize marketing and communications tactics to enhance his own firm’s profitability, and he shows others how to use client, competitive, and firm data in their day-to-day marketing decisions.

David is uniquely qualified to understand the marketing challenges and objectives of our GrowPath clientele and the systems and data they need to achieve their goals.



Regis University, M.B.A.

Ithaca College, B.S. in Health Administration

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