Eric Sanchez


Eric Sanchez has a well-earned reputation for logistics and technical savvy. For over 17 years, he was an executive in what is now the largest plaintiffs’ practice in North Carolina.

This experience has led him to his overall business philosophy. His goal is to reduce business information as much as possible to objective analytics. As a result, management can better direct the complex systems of a professional services environment.

Eric successfully put theory into practice with his design and implementation of several major administrative programs. These programs were instrumental in managing one of the largest civil rights cases in United States history. This landmark case was In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation.

Furthermore, Eric oversaw the development of several software platforms for legal data management. His patented technology is still in use by multiple law firms. As a named inventor on numerous patents, Eric continues to innovate in the areas of cybersecurity, data management, and others.

Finally, Eric served in the United States Marine Corps as a non-commissioned officer. He graduated as one of the top recruits in his platoon and he completed a total of 8 years of both action and reserve service. Eric Sanchez was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps.


Eric achieved his MA in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University. He received his BS in Criminal Justice Administration from California State University, East Bay. He is also a graduate of multiple electronics schools.

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