Patti Krizowsky

Patti Krizowksy

Engineering Manager

Patti Krizowsky, Engineering Manager for GrowPath, leads the software development team. Patti joined GrowPath in 2019 with over 30 years of deep technical experience working in software cybersecurity, simulations, development, quality assurance, support, testing, and engineering.

She has simulated cyberattacks against software to check for gaps in security, developed 3D simulations to train military members in a virtual space, worked with paratransit software products, and more. As an Agile Scrum Master and leader of diverse technical teams many times over, Patti’s reputation as a respected, professional team leader is well-established.

Having worked in cybersecurity, software development, and quality assurance across such varied industries, Patti has the unique ability to understand and parse out the immediate needs of whatever industry she is working with, and find the best solutions for them through software.


University of North Carolina at Wilmington – B.S. in Computer Science