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Tara Williams

Vice President of Customer Success

As Vice President of Customer Success at GrowPath, Tara Williams leads onboarding and support services for all GrowPath customers.

Having practiced law and been managerially responsible in law firms for almost 30 years, Tara is acutely familiar with what it takes to run, operate, and grow a practice, particularly a firm focusing on the rights of plaintiffs. She spent her first 12 years as a lawyer practicing intellectual property law, a practice that demands systems and procedures for monitoring and maintaining the complex filing and docketing systems for IP cases.

As a plaintiff’s attorney for more than 15 years, she has managed a volume case load and experienced the pressures attorneys face with such caseloads. In light of her success with those pressures, she became involved in overseeing and managing that aspect of the firm. She ultimately helped develop and assess the work flow, systems, and procedures of the practice area, and contributed to the growth of one of the largest plaintiff’s firms in the Southeast. Her involvement in firm operations, in addition to her propensity for teaching, enabled her to effectively educate and train attorneys and staff in countless aspects of the practice.

This firm, the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, became GrowPath’s pilot firm. Firm Founder and President, James S. Farrin, said, “Tara understands the demands attorneys face in managing large case loads, and at the same time understanding management from a firm perspective – it requires a high attention to detail to make sure to meet the required high standards. She understands the firm’s goal to fully represent clients, while also managing cases effectively and efficiently. With that appreciation, she was instrumental in facilitating our conversion to the GrowPath software. She facilitated conversion on both a firm-wide and an individual basis.”

Tara’s broad experience, as well as her ability to adapt to varying clients’ needs allows her to guide each client through a seamless and successful software adoption and integration.


University of North Carolina School of Law, Chapel Hill, J.D.
Auburn University, B.S. in Chemistry, with honors