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Written by Tara Williams


How Workplace Culture Impacts Productivity

Everybody is talking about workplace culture. As work environments shift, and law firms reconfigure office...

Law Firm Management

3 Hidden Time Wasters and Time Savers in PI Firms

I remember a story about the late Steve Jobs. He was frustrated at how slowly...

Law Firm Management

Key Technology Components That Make Law Firm Employees More Productive

Your firm survived the worst of the pandemic. Some firms did not. The most successful...

Law Firm Management

How can you tell the difference between a good performer who is overwhelmed and a poor performer?

This may seem like a straightforward question, but it’s not. Why? Because the causes of...

Case Management

Avoiding Malpractice Claims

What Happens When an Attorney Makes a Mistake? Avoiding Statute of Limitations Malpractice. Practicing law...



GrowPath COVID-19 Update We would like to take this opportunity to communicate with our valued...

Case Management

6 Questions for Buying Case Management Software

63% of law firms purchased new legal software within the last year. It’s clear, then,...

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