Does Legal Case Management Help with My Law Firm’s Marketing?

Marketing your law firm involves a wide array of efforts across multiple channels. To maximize these marketing efforts, the right legal case management software is key. It will help you stay organized and make better, data-driven decisions.

There are many different potential sources (or a combination thereof) that might prompt someone to contact a law firm. Making a decision to contact a particular firm could result from: billboards, television commercials, internet advertising, word of mouth or professional referrals. There are additional variations in methods of contact. These include phone calls, website forms, email, text messages or even social media.

The intention behind legal marketing is to increase the number of clients/cases for a particular law firm. Legal case management software like GrowPath aids these efforts in several ways. GrowPath streamlines intake, manages contacts for marketing automation and provides business analytics. As such, GrowPath helps you implement smart marketing strategies.

Streamlining Intake

Making a positive first impression is key to securing a potential lead To do this, you need polite and engaging intake specialists who communicate effectively. They must know exactly what questions to ask to elicit the necessary information. Only in this way can they drive the “sale” forward. 

Scripted Prompts

GrowPath provides scripted prompts. This means that anyone in your firm can answer the phone and make a good first impression. The scripted prompts lead the caller to disclose the right information about the legal matter. Meanwhile, the employee enters the given answers into GrowPath. Those answers are then processed through a decision-tree style program to determine the next step. At this point, the application signals the intake specialist to ask additional questions based on previous answers.

Lead Scoring

Working in the background, a tool is busy scoring the lead based on preset variables. Based on this, the software will notify the intake specialist of the appropriate next steps to take. For high value cases, this saves precious time. The specialist can now usher the caller through to the next phase of the process.

Many firms without this type of streamlined intake have to take additional time-wasting steps. For example, an attorney has to first evaluate the case and then reach back out to the caller. That may not work in today’s fast-paced world. After all, the caller has likely already reached out to other attorneys. Every firm’s quest is to avoid losing a potential client; being able to score the lead in real time and take the next appropriate action step helps retain the case.

All the information typed into GrowPath during the call is saved and populated into appropriate intake forms. Now, the software can easily generate the necessary documents to retain the potential client. The specialist sends a follow up email and the recipient signs the documents via e-signature. GrowPath provides unlimited e-signatures for your intake and on-going case management needs.

Read more about GrowPath’s intake edge in this post, 3 Steps to Better Intakes at Your Client-Centric FirmBecause GrowPath saves all this intake data, the data represents a treasure trove of knowledge. Down the line, your firm can utilize this information in data mining and marketing reports. 

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics and business intelligence are the next ways legal case management software improves your firm’s marketing efforts. “Begin each intake by asking the caller what made them call your firm,” advises Jim Farrin, CEO and Founder of The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. The Farrin firm is a large plaintiffs’ firm. They also piloted the development of the GrowPath software. The reason a caller contacted the firm provides valuable information for further marketing efforts. Therefore, Farrin’s intake specialists take great care to enter that information into the record in the GrowPath application. 

A GrowPath user can employ this information in many ways. For instance, the answers a caller provides during intake can be overlaid with marketing reports. These reports encompass television buy data and day/time of commercials. As a result, managing attorneys can determine the effectiveness of the advertising spend. These analytics appear on a visually appealing and interactive dashboards with configurable factors. Overall, this functionality allows any GrowPath user to “play around” with different marketing scenarios and discover what factors led to different outcomes. 

Mr. Farrin continues, “I also run reports on cost per lead and cost per case. This allows me to reallocate my marketing spend specifically to the channels that provide the best return on investment.” Read the entire interview with Mr. Farrin.

Using legal case management software like GrowPath with robust analytics helps law firms truly understand where their marketing dollars are spent. Furthermore, it grants visibility into exactly how clients found the firm and why the client decided to make contact. Armed with this information, your firm’s marketing department can make better decisions. All in all, these decisions will result in more qualified leads for your intake department.

Marketing Automation

All modern businesses seek automation tools. Automation helps to improve workflows and tons of tech stacks exist. Indeed, many of these tech stacks are specific to law firms. Fortunately, GrowPath provides easy ways to connect with other software for a smooth exchange of data.

One of the primary functions of legal marketing is the maintenance of contact lists. To this end, GrowPath provides confidential, secure cloud-based contact lists that can easily be searched and tagged. These lists, in turn, help your firm personalize and nurture all of its relationships – clients, former clients, prospects and referral partners. These lists can also easily be used for monthly newsletters, email campaigns, solicitation of online reviews and many other marketing efforts.

See for yourself how GrowPath’s legal case management software can improve your law firm’s marketing, advertising and business development. Schedule a demo today!

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