NJAJ Boardwalk Seminar

NJAJ Boardwalk Seminar 2019: What We Learned

This was our first time at the Seminar, and it was fantastic. We learned a few things along the way to share with you.
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Top 5 Legal Case Management Software Must-Haves

Dare to think bigger for your law firm, and the right choice of software will naturally emerge from the crowd.
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3 Quick Tips to Prep for Your Legal Case Management Software Demos

One of the most effective ways of paring down your list even further is to take advantage of the free demonstrations that many companies offer. Here are 3 tips to get the most out of those demos.
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Three Questions for Determining ROI on Legal Case Management Software

Choosing the best legal case management software for your firm can be daunting; however, if one gets it right, you’ll be a hero to your firm. In fact, over time, better case management very often has more impact on firm profitability than any single employee or case.
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Using Data to Improve Law Firm Operations

As I mentioned in my first post on productivity, tracking performance against KPIs gives me an idea of who my best people are. But I want to go much deeper than that.
how do i track my paralegals performance

How to Measure Paralegal and Lawyer Productivity in Your Firm

Our law firm has roughly 200 employees. Many of them work directly on behalf of clients. As the head of our firm, I want a way to track who is doing what. Not necessarily to play gotcha.
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Law Firm Leader Interview with Jim Farrin

When a lawyer as successful as Jim Farrin talks, we all do well…
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5 Qualities of World-Class Law Firm Intake Department

Imagine your marketing worked perfectly. Thanks to a well-produced…
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Lessons I’ve Learned Growing My Personal Injury Firm

I have run a personal injury law firm for over 20 years. In that…
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Running Cases Better and Faster with CMS

In my experience, you can’t find a successful law firm that…