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Legal Tech Company GrowPath Announces Business Analytics Solution

Service Is Intended for Users Without Business Analytics Built Into Their Software

(Durham, N.C.) June 25 2020 Legal technology startup GrowPath has released a stand-alone business analytics offering called GrowPath Insight. The offering is an effort to support users of legal case management software without included business reporting or lack luster reporting flexibility.

Types of reports generated by GrowPath Insight as well as their layouts are completely customizable. A few examples of reports that can be produced through GrowPath Insight include Settlement Histories, Employee Workload Comparisons, Revenue Projections, Case Resolutions by Fee or Speed, and a Client Demographics Breakdown. Firms using server-based tech have been increasingly seeking out cloud-based solutions such as GrowPath to assist in navigating the transition to remote workforces.

A tool like Insight allows for an accurate evaluation of attorney and paralegal productivity while employees continue to work safely from home. But Insight offers much more value than that, according to GrowPath CEO Tara Williams. For many firms, advertising is the primary driver of client leads and intakes. For these types of firms, states Williams, there is no longer any need to guess or rely on vendor data. Marketing spend can be evaluated by channel, area, cost of advertisement, and even time of day. Firm managers can now monitor their precise return on investment.

In addition to their functionality, GrowPath Insight reports are designed to be both visually appealing and highly interactive. Dynamic filters are activated or deactivated by clicking on a segment of a color-coded chart or graph. According to Williams, Insight is aimed at allowing all law firm managers to explore and engage with their data in a simple, beautiful, and secure environment.

About GrowPath

GrowPath provides cutting-edge legal case management software and solutions for law firms nationwide. Its cloud-based product offerings afford lawyers and legal professionals a better way to manage their cases, from client intake to case resolution and profitability analytics. GrowPath’s mission is empowering firms to improve the efficiency of the legal services they deliver to clients — in turn decreasing stress and boosting revenue. In its drive to supply law firms with innovative legal technology, GrowPath has acquired 18 patents related to its software. For more information, please visit

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