Intuitive Document Management and Searching

Make your document management more aerodynamic with GrowPath’s cloud-based software.

Lawyers are now more reliant than ever on cloud-based technologies. As courts nationwide have accelerated the shift to e-filing, the ability to easily and remotely access case documents has become particularly paramount. That’s why GrowPath’s document management system allows users to search, modify, preview, and share documents with supreme ease:

Central Document Repository

From the Central Document Repository, users can store and retrieve desired documents by file name, associated staff member, matter ID, practice area, upload date, and much more. Easily find and retrieve your critical case files.  

Matter View

Document Management in GrowPath’s Matter View is better than ever. From the Documents Panel, all documents associated with a selected matter can be viewed and modified. 


GrowPath’s document management software lets users make any document e-signable. This “build-your-own” feature means firms no longer need to subscribe to third-party e-signature platforms.


I love that I can access GrowPath from anywhere! If I am thinking about a case late at night, I can quickly log in from my laptop at home and check what has been done or set a reminder for myself. The cloud-based data feature has been game-changing.” – Stephanie M., Paralegal

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