Superior Analytical Tools and Unmatched
Business Intelligence

GrowPath offers insightful business intelligence limited only by your imagination.

Many case management programs offer a rudimentary tool or .csv download and call it reporting. At GrowPath, we built four different tools that work together to give you the best reporting platform on the market today, bar none.

From traditional Excel/.csv reports to interactive dashboards, it’s never been clearer what steps you need to take to manage your firm well.

Best of all, GrowPath reports are auto-generated, and all in real time. No waiting. No human error. No day-old data.

With GrowPath, I can instantly see where all of our cases are, who is handling them, what status they are in everything! Plus I’m able to see how our marketing is working.

David Chamberlin, firm VP

Interactive dashboards

See your data any way you want


Your data has never been more beautiful — or easier to understand!

Live charts allow you to see the big picture, and then drill down to the most minute details. Charts will automatically update accordingly.

Proactive matter trackers

Spot issues in your caseload


Matter trackers show you the status of all cases you want to keep tabs on.

Potential issues are raised in red to help identify bottlenecks and low productivity.

Automated reports

Get data delivered regularly


For items you want to track on a consistent basis, customized reports will auto-generate and deliver to your homepage. You choose the frequency.

Powerful search

Confirm hypotheses immediately


Lightning-fast search allows you to mine your cases for whatever you want.

Filters give you approximately 26,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 potential results generated within seconds, which you can then download to .csv.

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