Streamlined Case Management

Organize your firm with intelligent tasks and reminders, centralized document storage, and single-click communications all stored in one, secure place with GrowPath case management software.

Case Management Software

One Single View

Stay on top of your entire caseload with a timeline and Matter Trackers. Ensure that every deadline is met and have your attention called to items that need addressing so you can keep your cases moving forward.

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Case Management Summary

Quickly access essential case management information within the header and pinpoint critical dates, case types, statuses, lead scores and even estimated case values. Scan the Case Summary so you can speak intelligently about the case when you receive an unexpected phone call.

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Case management Reminders

Case Management Reminders

Automate reminders by customizing when they appear in case workflows. See your reminders only when you need to see them.

Keep your team organized with role-based to-do lists, intelligent reminders and clutter-free case files.

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Case Documents Management

Document Management

Stored inside case files with intuitive filter-and-sort functionality, documents are easy to add, find, access and review. Enjoy the convenience of drag and drop for adding new documents. Key merge fields are automatically populated during document creation saving time and reducing the risk of error.

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Case Communications

Case Management Communications

Boost productivity with streamlined case management communication. Click-to-call, texting, and seamless Outlook email are combined in one platform for effortless, documented communications. Stay on top of new developments with in-app notifications.

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On-Site Backup (Optional)

Be prepared for the worst-case scenario with an on-site backup solution. If you lose internet connectivity – and with it, access to the cloud – an on-site backup means you’ll have a copy of your data locally. You won’t have GrowPath’s tools, but you can access your data on your office network and continue to work cases even in the event of an outage!

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