Better, Faster Intakes

Never let a great case slip away again. GrowPath helps your staff identify the clients you want and sign them — before they have a chance to call your competition.

…All using patented technology you will not find elsewhere. You’ve never seen intake software like this before.

Smart questionnaires:

Right questions asked, every time


Does your staff know when to find out if the car accident victim on the phone might also have a workers comp case?

Our smart intake questionnaires populate additional questions as needed to help your staff identify derivative cases, and keep irrelevant questions at bay.


Lead scoring:

Potentially valuable cases are highlighted


As your staff enters information, the lead scoring tool will assign a case value based on criteria you set. Once the score reaches a certain threshold, it will prompt the staff member to try to sign the case right away.

Text & e-sign retainers:

Cases signed on the spot


Strike while the iron is hot. If a caller is interested, you can sign them mid-call via text or email. Once they complete the retainer, it’s then auto-added to the client record.

One-click conversion:

Seemlessly move info after they sign


Once intakes become clients, seamlessly convert their files to case files with the click of a button. No duplicate data entry required.

‘Smart reminders:

Timely follow up, nothing slips through


One of the most important processes in intake is follow-up. Don’t let that fish get away. You set the follow-up protocol. GrowPath’s smart reminders ensure that all staff members follow your designations.



Find Hidden Cases


Many clients use our powerful Buzzwords tool to find lucrative mass torts. For example, a user might customize Buzzwords to generate a popup when hearing loss is entered. The popup prompts intake staff to ask about military service and see if they might have a 3M earplug case.

Marketing insights:

Get more valuable cases


GrowPath comes with an extensive set of built-in analytics tools to help you spend your marketing dollars wisely.

Powerful search:

Find new cases in existing intakes


If there’s a new mass tort, search all your previous intakes to see if anyone might meet the criteria.

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