A Better Legal Intake Solution

Ensure every qualified lead becomes a client with cutting-edge intake features. Score leads, simplify conversions, and track communication — all while measuring marketing outreach and spend.


Discover profitable mass torts and derivative cases in your existing caseload. The inline prompts empower staff to ask the right questions in real-time. Uncover important information that other tools simply overlook.

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Lead Scoring Algorithm

Define what “high value case” means to you, and the algorithm will identify and prioritize targeted leads. Highly-configurable evaluation methods save valuable attorney time and increase conversion rates.

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Quick Conversion

Receive team-wide alerts to follow up on qualified leads. When the time is right to sign on the client, eSign and mobile text-to-sign ensure you have the final contract instantly. All communications are stored in the intake record and data gets transferred to case management with a single click.

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Marketing Analytics

Real-time marketing analytics give you deep insight and a competitive edge. In analyzing intake conversion and lead source by time of day, this powerful tool provides unmatched data analysis. Reduce your spending and improve conversions today.

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Marketing Connect

Seamlessly connect with your marketing stack, including web forms, live chat services, and email.

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Complete and Accurate Intake Forms

Ensure that potential client records are accurate and complete. Address verification, conflict checks, and customizable intake questionnaires optimize your workflows.

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