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Hands-On Consulting for Personal Injury Law Firms That Need Results

Want expert guidance?

We’ve gathered some of the best, and most creative minds in the industry – initially to pour their knowledge into GrowPath to create the ultimate software for personal injury firms.

But after working with a few clients, we realized many also wanted expert guidance we could easily provide. Hence GrowPath’s consulting services.

Our leadership team has years of experience helping build successful firms – including one of the largest, and most successful personal injury firms in the Southeast. You’ll be hard pressed to find a problem we haven’t encountered.

  • Want tips on how to market better? Done.
  • Need to streamline your workflows? We’ve got you.
  • Want better data? We can help.
  • Looking for advice on a personnel matter? We’re here.

Some consultancies offer vague advice. We’re not one of them. Our advice is immediately actionable with experience to back it up

I can count the number of people that I consider true, actual geniuses on one hand. Eric is one of them. He didn’t just show me one better mousetrap. He showed me dozens. When Eric starts a sentence with, ‘Well what if you…’ you need to open up your ears and listen.

Stewart Guss, Stewart J. Guss Injury Accident Lawyers

While You’re in There: Consultancy During Software Implementation

Many firms are making changes to their management software, and GrowPath offers best-in-class tools to help them. The implementation period, as you transition to new software, is the perfect time to audit your systems and methods. If you think of the software as the shiny new engine in your dream car, think of the audit as fine-tuning it for maximum performance.

It’s an option worth considering but know that GrowPath software doesn’t require you to purchase consultancy. You should decide what works best for you.


You Tell Us Your Goal, We Help You Reach It

Is it firm growth? More profit? Larger client base? They’re all related, of course, but the why matters. Whatever the goal, we provide a combination of experience, proprietary systems, and innovative technology, and help you apply it all for maximum benefit. The idea is not to run a law firm like a law firm, but like a business. We focus our expertise in three areas.


A gray arrow over a rising green double bar graph.  Faster Growth

You can’t grow without more clients. Our intake methods, marketing strategies, and analytics can help you draw in new clients, and find additional value in the clients you already have.


A green and gray cog with a light gray wrench.Improved Operations

A penny saved is a penny earned. Operating inefficiencies are a hole in your bank account. We’ll show you where you’re wasting time, effort, and money – in places you may not even know – and how you can fix the problem.


A green arrow hitting the bulls-eye of a gray target.Problem-Solving

Case overflow? Understaffed? Need guidance regarding compensation, ethical quandaries or other parts of the business? We have the answers born from years of experience helping law firms nationwide.


Incredible People, Powerful Results

We’ve assembled some of the most innovative minds in the legal business:


Eric Sanchez

If you have a problem, Eric can solve it. The mastermind behind GrowPath’s software wizardry and the holder of 16 patents (and counting), Eric’s ability to solve “insurmountable” logistical problems enabled thousands of Black farmers to receive compensation for unfair lending practices from the U.S. government in a landmark class action: In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation, Case No. 08-mc-0511 (PLF) (D.D.C.). Eric speaks truth to power – anything less solves nothing.


James S. Farrin
Jim opened his firm with a handful of clients and a paralegal (who was quickly poached). In just 20 years, he built it into one of the largest and most successful personal injury firms in the Southeast. In a state with contributory negligence, Jim’s personal injury firm continues to flourish and has recovered more than $1.2 billion dollars on behalf of its clients. More surprising? He’s willing to share how he built it all.


David Chamberlin

One important thing they don’t teach in law school is how to actually get clients. Marketing is the tip of the spear for growth, and that’s where David’s numerous talents lie. He’s established and executed short-and long-range strategic plans and budgets to guide extensive networks of TV, internet, print, direct mail, and client relations management initiatives, as well as managing multiple brands with a track record of success.


Stacie Monahan

It’s difficult to stump someone with two decades of firm management experience. Who is 1) a licensed insurance adjuster in multiple states. 2) Experienced negotiating from both the plaintiff and defense sides. 3) Has negotiated literally thousands of claims. And on and on. Stacie has held or supervised nearly every para-professional position in a plaintiff’s firm, and manages serves as Vice President of Operations for one of the South’s largest personal injury firms.


Tara Williams

GrowPath’s very own CEO has been practicing law for over 30 years. She began as an intellectual property attorney, partnering with many entrepreneurs, and knows what it takes for fledgling companies to succeed. More than half of Tara’s career was spent practicing personal injury law at a high volume firm where she successfully handled thousands of cases. She intimately understands the needs of personal injury attorneys and the best systems to support them.


Priceless Guidance at a Reasonable Price


Knowing what to do next – and how to do it – is invaluable. There is a correct order, but it all needs to work together to get the right result. It’s no good having higher intake conversion if all you do is disappoint those intakes with an inability to fulfill on communication and service. We can help you reach harmony.

Our pricing is flexible to fit your needs, and what your firm requires to climb to that next level.




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We’re looking for firms with potential. Firms with drive, and who are interested in winning more business, making the most of their time, and fattening their bottom line. It starts with a phone call.

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