Get More Actionable Data Without
Swapping Software

GrowPath Insight: An add-on tool to your current case management
to give you game-changing reports.

With GrowPath Insight you get state-of-the-art reports and dashboards that show how your firm is doing in real time, using technology deployed by Nasdaq. All without having to switch your case management software.

The reports can be customized, to show you what you want to see, the way you want to see it. Your data has never been more beautiful – or easier to understand.



The Show Me the Money or Settlement Posture Dashboard

This report answers questions like:

  • What is your likely cash flow and revenue in the coming months?
  • How do your final settlements compare to their initial offers?
  • Which of your attorney negotiators are getting the most added value?
Show Me the Money
Legal Closed Cases Report

The Case Distribution at a Glance Dashboard or Open Cases Report

Nothing is more foundational than this:

  • How many open cases do you have?
  • Who is the responsible attorney or paralegal?
  • Where are they situated in your workflow funnel?
  • Where are potential chokepoints?

The Make It Rain Dashboard or Settled Cases Report

This highlights the sources of your success:

  • How have your recent cases resolved?
  • Are individuals and departments meeting expectations?
  • Which marketing sources are bringing in the most high value cases?
Settled Cases Dashboard

Ready to explore and engage with your data in a simple, beautiful, and secure environment?


Intake Analyzer Report - How many new calls and cases are you getting?

Intake Analyzer Report

This deceptively simple report helps answer many of these questions: How does this intake period compare with other periods, like the previous month, or the same time last year? Where are the calls coming from? What marketing channels are driving results? Simply click on any marketing channel, case type, or DMA to drill down even further. You might discover that while television is bringing in more auto cases in Syracuse, it's been lagging in Binghmamton for the last two years. It's that powerful.

Case Needs Attention Spotter Report - Do your legal reports spot potential areas that need attention?

Spot Potential Problems that Need Attorney Attention Report

This report allows you to see if any cases have not been touched in 30 days - or whatever time frame you choose. From the dashboard, you can dive in and see if any cases are being neglected. Further, you can see which staff members may be in the weeds and proactively solve bottlenecks. And most importantly, resolve client issues before they become complaints.

High Value Case Tracker - Where and how are my high-value cases coming from?

The old adage amongst plaintiffs? attorneys that 80% of revenue comes from 20% of cases is true. It actually may be more than that. Big cases are immensely important and they can't get lost in the shuffle. This report allows you to track these cases at a glance, and the quick note table shows the most important recent activity. If something needs attention, you can easily dive into the case. Sleep better knowing your most important cases are being worked up properly.

Litigation Watchdog - Is your practice litigation-focused?

If so, this report allows you to answer common questions like: How many cases did we file in the last 30 days? How many cases are in litigation? Where are they filed? Where are they in the litigation process? How many trials do we have set? Who are the cases assigned to?

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