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GrowPath Launches Industry’s First Solution to Find Class Action and Mass Tort Leads

GrowPath Lotto finds potential leads through old case files for any law firm.

DURHAM, NC, USA, January 17, 2023 / — Law firms can now use GrowPath’s innovative new product, Lotto, to automatically find class action and mass tort leads in their database of past cases. As a result, they discover opportunities to help more people by pursuing those cases or referring them out. Either way, the result is increased bottom-line revenue.

Lotto checks client files against a regularly updated database of class actions and mass torts, looking for opportunities to pursue new cases on behalf of past or existing clients.

The database is regularly updated and maintained by GrowPath’s experienced analysts. New class actions and mass torts will be scanned as they arise. Firms can also add their own cases to look for as well. Even if new cases arise years after the original case, Lotto finds the connections automatically.

Previously, firms’ options were limited when they wanted to mine their files for new cases. Lawyers and staff had to spend time looking for cases while they could’ve been serving clients. The only alternative was to hire an expensive consultant to look instead, but even then, there was no guarantee of success. Now, firms have the that if a connection exists between their clients and a case, Lotto will find it.

Implementing Lotto is fast and easy, and it comes with a no-fine-print guarantee that firms will find a new case in their first month using Lotto, or their money back. Any type of law firm can use this service. Criminal or family law firms, for example, can just as easily be sitting on hundreds of leads that can easily be referred out to other firms pursuing these cases.

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January 17, 2023