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GrowPath Selects Tara Williams as CEO

With Tara Williams recent appointment as the new CEO for GrowPath, it’s a good time to review her journey and see why she’s such a great fit for the role. As Vice President of Customer Success, Tara led onboarding and support services for GrowPath’s customers. Now, she turns her attention to providing centralized and focused leadership for GrowPath.

Tara Williams’ Background

Tara received her JD from the University of North Carolina School of Law. She also completed her BS in Chemistry (with honors) at Auburn University. After practicing law and managing law firm operations for almost 30 years, Tara is familiar with what it takes to run and grow a business. She spent her first 12 years as an intellectual property lawyer. This entailed monitoring and maintaining the complex issues and complicated filing and docketing systems of IP matters. Tara fulfilled these duties in private practice, as corporate counsel, and with a tech startup.

As a plaintiffs’ attorney for more than 15 years, Tara successfully managed a high-volume caseload. She attributes this success to developing a process and a system of checks and balances, and having a good support team. On the flip side, she is also familiar with the pressures of such caseloads and their many inefficiencies.

Following her success managing those pressures and inefficiencies, she helped develop the systems and procedures at her firm. In fact, her insight contributed to the growth of one of the largest plaintiffs’ firms in the Southeast. This firm, the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, became GrowPath’s pilot firm.

Tara’s broad experience is a perfect foundation for her as she takes the reins at GrowPath. Tara is the right leader for GrowPath, says James Farrin. Tara has the right blend of law firm and technology experience. She is the one to lead GrowPath into the future.

Tara’s Vision

Tara joined the James Scott Farrin team in its very early years. At that time, the firm was still quite small. Eventually, she transitioned from managing cases and a team of attorneys to a different role with the firm. For this role, she oversaw a department responsible for ushering cases through the settlement and disbursal process. This intricate process involves a number of issues and details related to settlement funds and trust account procedures.

Drawing on this operational experience, Tara began working with GrowPath’s founder, Eric Sanchez. Their goal was to create what was envisioned as an ideal case management platform. Ultimately, this platform would become GrowPath.

From the very start of GrowPath, Tara has been the software’s biggest advocate: I believe in innovation and GrowPath exhibits innovative thinking and development in almost every feature. It is a superior software solution for legal intake, case management, and business analytics. In my role as Vice President of Customer Success, I witnessed the impact our innovation has on firms as they move from outdated, inefficient systems to GrowPath. Now, I am honored to serve the company in this new capacity.

Finally, one of Tara’s greatest strengths is that she understands what lawyers want and care about. More than that, she cares about details that some firms may not even consider. Beginning with her IP work, Tara has spent her career working with many entrepreneurs and learning what newly-established companies must do to succeed. Given Tara’s deep understanding of behind-the-scenes operations, GrowPath is set for tremendous success under her leadership. With critical new employee hires and appealing new product features on the horizon, 2020 is sure to be a great time to Go GrowPath.

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