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Choosing the Best Legal Case Management Software

Consider messaging, organization & analytics when choosing case management software.

Changing the Game

Is your law firm searching for its first legal case management software solution or looking to switch to a better option? We’ve created a guide on how to choose the best legal case management software. The guide will help you quickly get up to speed and evaluate the choices available in today’s marketplace.

Legal case management software is not one-size-fits-all. It must be configured to your firm’s practice area(s), workflows, and reporting needs.

Once you get it right, though, it’s a game-changer…


Today’s law firm intake solutions are overflowing with the most cutting-edge features like real-time inline prompts and lead scoring algorithms. Imagine how many more leads your firm will convert if everyone who answers the telephone uses scripted prompts to instantly sound like an intake expert. Imagine software with a lead scoring algorithm that quickly identifies high value cases. This functionality would help you close cases before your competition moves in.


Closing a new client with online forms, e-sign capabilities, and one-click data transfer to case management files is a great advantage. It enables a seamless, streamlined process. It further provides an enhanced client experience from the early stages, which translates to a more satisfied client throughout the lifetime of the case.


Employees will experience less stress and worry with streamlined workflows that ensure all deadlines are met and no details get overlooked.


Clients will notice the improved communication efforts and appreciate being informed and in the loop. To this end, a single click for texting, emailing, or calling allows for effortless, documented communication.


Managers will notice that cases start to close faster, which means more revenue. Managers will also have access to a wealth of data to drive better decisions.

Choosing the best legal case management software requires diligent research on the alternatives available in the marketplace. It also requires an understanding of where your firm can improve its processes, workflows, and reporting capabilities.

Our Guide

We wanted to make it easy for you to gain all the information you need to make the right decision on your firm’s legal case management software. Therefore, we created The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Legal Case Management Software. This guide will…

  • Help you calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of your current software (or lack thereof). Take a closer look at the cost of all the components you use to create your current workflows. Evaluate if you are paying for features you do not need or if you’re lacking some features that could greatly improve efficiency.
  • Help you identify the latest advancements in legal case management software. The faster every team member moves from one case to the next without sacrificing value, the more profitable your firm will be. After all, faster results lead to happier clients and more satisfied staff.
  • Discuss the type of data you need to manage and grow a modern-day law firm. Having quick access to the right information helps you make better decisions for your firm.
  • Help you focus on security. Law firms today are frequent targets of ransomware, malware, spyware, hacking, brute-force password attacks, data hostage attempts, an more. That’s why software security should be one of the first things you evaluate when selecting new legal case management software.
  • Present the easiest way to make the transition to new software as well as how to encourage everyone to embrace the change. From data transfer to configuring custom reports, discover how to choose a software with awarding winning implementation specialists and on-going technical support.

Download The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Legal Case Management Software. Or maybe you’re only interested in the printable checklist on how to prepare and what questions to ask during a demo. The checklist includes general, feature-specific, and technical questions. It’s the best way to arm yourself with the knowledge you need for this game-changing decision!

January 13, 2020