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Here you’ll find articles, videos, masterclasses, case studies, and other resources to help you make informed decisions about managing your law firm.


29 Productivity KPIs

Out of sight does not have to be out of mind. In today’s remote work environment, it’s more important than ever to have a handle on just how productive your legal...

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Pie chart, questions and area graph feeding into a larger productivity graph.

Measuring Employee Productivity: How Much Data Is Enough? And Other Important Questions

To grow your law firm’s profitability, you must rely on data – to monitor case...

You need to be able to tell when someone is working remotely, or working the remote.
Law Firm Management

Make Sure Your Staff Is on Point, Even if They’re Not on Site

Today, law firms across the country are questioning whether they should continue to let their...

Diverse group of people in front of turning gears
Law Firm Management

2 Guiding Principles + 8 Management Practices for Boosting Employee Motivation at Your Firm

At the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin (JSF), we recognize that we are only... Personal Injury Marketing Mastermind Podcast
Legal Marketing

The Marketing Masterminds Podcast – An Executive Summary

On my recent appearance on the Marketing Masterminds podcast, I had the opportunity to...

clocks and hourglass showing the passing of time
Law Firm Management

3 Hidden Time Wasters and Time Savers in PI Firms

I remember a story about the late Steve Jobs. He was frustrated at how slowly...

A flowchart where one section is cut off

How to Tighten Your Law Firm’s Processes & “Lean” Into Increased Income in 4 Simple Steps

Have you heard of the “Lean” management methodology? Lean is a methodology about continuous improvement...

cloud files becoming usable metrics in a platform
Law Firm Management

Key Technology Components That Make Law Firm Employees More Productive

Your firm survived the worst of the pandemic. Some firms did not. The most successful...

calls leading to forms and results
Client Intake

4 Tips for Converting Intake Calls Into Clients for Your Firm

Intakes are the life blood of a law firm. If you think of marketing as...

looking at numbers and people output leading to dollars and awards

Objectively Measuring Productivity – A Formula for Success

Let’s start off by agreeing that measuring the productivity of your attorneys and paralegals is...

Screens showing various uses of GrowPath software
Client Intake

The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing in the New Normal

2020 was quite a year for everybody. Many law firms saw declining intake calls and...

a woman working with a headset on with a cloud of productivity symbols behind her
Law Firm Management

How can you tell the difference between a good performer who is overwhelmed and a poor performer?

This may seem like a straightforward question, but it’s not. Why? Because the causes of...

a checklist, unbalanced scales, and a calendar

What KPIs Should Law Firms Measure to Increase Staff Productivity?

It’s hard to think of a scenario in which a law firm would not want...

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