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Here you’ll find articles, videos, masterclasses, case studies, and other resources to help you make informed decisions about managing your law firm.


29 Productivity KPIs

Out of sight does not have to be out of mind. In today’s remote work environment, it’s more important than ever to have a handle on just how productive your legal...

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Running a Lean Firm
Law Firm Management

Running a Lean Firm

Most attorneys fail to recognize the connection between solid business developments efforts and the use...

COVID-19 Update


GrowPath COVID-19 Update We would like to take this opportunity to communicate with our valued...

Law Firm Efficiency
Law Firm Management

Top Law Firms Profitability Metrics to Measure for Success

Which Law Firm Profitability Metrics to Measure for Success There’s an old saying: if you...

Client in a sling looking at a phone
Case Management

3 Steps to Better Legal Intakes at Your Client-Centered Firm

Do your clients come first? Why a better customer experience at your law firm is...

Person considering components of new software represented as a puzzle.
Case Management

Implementing Legal Software

3 Considerations in Implementing Legal Case Management Software Those who’ve successfully implemented the right case...

Profitability Gaps and Your Firm
Law Firm Management

Profitability Gaps and Your Firm

Running an Efficient Law Firm with Legal Case Software The right legal case software transforms...

A hand holding a green lightbulb with the GrowPath logo in the middle
Case Management

The Creator of GrowPath’s Legal CMS

A High Volume Firm Executive Develops the Law Practice Management Software of His Dreams Meet...

A woman on a computer screen trying to keep together dozens of file folders
Case Management

Legal Software Systems: Document Management vs. Practice Management

What are the various legal software systems? Learn the important difference between document management, practice...

Consider messaging, organization & analytics when choosing case management software.
Case Management

Choosing the Best Legal Case Management Software

It's easy to be overwhelmed by law firm case management options, but one size does...

Doctors holding up medical devices to a computer
Law Firm Management

Legaltech 2020: A Legal Cybersecurity Checklist

GrowPath’s Cybersecurity Diagnostic and Roundup – 22 Questions For Diagnosing Your Firm Your responsibility of...

a knight holding a data obfuscation and image authentication sign with a GrowPath logo
Case Management

Patented Technology and Your Law Firm’s Cybersecurity

The Extra Mile: Patented Technology and Your Law Firm’s Cybersecurity If you were asked to...

A burglar opening up a cloud and looking at a series of 1s and 0s
Law Firm Management

Legal Cloud Security – Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Nearly 60 percent of 2019 TECHREPORT legal technology respondents surveyed by the American Bar Association...

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