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Legal Intake Solutions

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Screening client leads during the intake process is good for both you and the prospective client. What are the weaknesses in your current client intake process? How can GrowPath help you upgrade your legal intake solutions?

Client Intake Basics

Part of a superior intake process is an overall commitment to running your law firm like a business. This entails giving your potential clients the royal treatment and making sure they feel valued at your firm. As it relates to client intake, royal treatment means empathy and patience as your intake specialist carefully and thoroughly gathers information, sets expectations and explains each step in the process.

While you’re assessing the lead in front of you, the client will be interviewing you as well. Even the most punctual and friendly intake specialist won’t succeed without the ability to effectively and consistently communicate the value of your legal services. Why should this client hire your firm over your competitors? A concise and compelling answer must be ready for deployment when an objection or concern is raised.

The Royal Treatment

A key question you want to ask yourself is how long it takes for your office to respond to a potential lead. A few days might not seem unreasonable to your firm, but it’s everything for your anxious and stressed prospective client. Reasonably or not, many potential clients expect an immediate reply to their communications, especially an email or text. In a related way, the ability to process a client’s approval through digital e-signature can be a crucial factor in not losing the prospective client to unnecessary delays.

Beyond the initial intake session, following up with prospective clients is often a crucial step in successfully converting leads. After all, the prospective client has likely reached out to a number of firms or attorneys with similar qualifications. How many follow up attempts do your specialists make? How quickly and sincerely? These are some of the factors that may make the difference in signing on that new client. A top notch intake process can make the prospective client’s initial outreach the only one they need.

Scoring and Converting Leads

Once all intake questions are asked, it becomes a matter of tallying and assessing the data. A long gap between completion of the intake process and review of the lead by an attorney undermines follow up efforts and widens the opportunity for the prospective client to sign on with your competition. Is this an unfilled profitability gap for your firm?

Software is salvation here. Indeed, GrowPath’s lead scoring tool automates and expedites the review process and identifies likely high-value cases for immediate attention. This reliable, automatic, complex and speedy calculation can completely overhaul and modernize your law firm’s client intake process.

Identify and select your workflow preferences and configure your software to do what you want. Decide on the types of cases you personally value and get alerted by the sophisticated scoring tool when intakes that meet your criteria come in. This keeps your high priority cases in the center of your radar and aids significantly with timely client outreach.

BuzzwordsTM: A Patented Legal Intake Solution

Intake specialists, skilled as they are, cannot keep track of every factual and legal development that may bear on your case. They are also not trained attorneys and it’s thus unreasonable to expect them to identify every potential cause of action embedded in a lead’s narrative. Unfortunately, by the time the intake file gets to an attorney’s desk for review, a great client may have signed on with someone else.

The right software is the great equalizer and can help your intake specialist project knowledge and inspire confidence in prospective clients. As the specialist enters notes in the system, GrowPath’s patented BuzzwordsTM functionality prompts the specialist with follow up questions based on trigger words.

An intake specialist can thus essentially be educated in real-time through links that come paired with guided prompts and questions. Where a prospective client might have traditionally been dismissed as a bad lead, the GrowPath software will now guide your firm to causes of action within the same set of facts that otherwise might never have been discovered.

You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re doing everything you can to ensure that no great cases fall through your fingers. The patented Buzzwords method is only available through GrowPath’s case management platform. Click here to see a quick video on how it all works.

A Long and Lucrative Journey

The intake process is the critical starting point in a long journey for you and your new client. Empower your legal clients and make sure they feel valued at your client-centered firm. But making sure requires more than an informal Q and A. To maximize your business, it’s essential to routinely assess certain metrics and use those results to enhance your business model. Learn more about the intake metrics you must monitor if you want your firm to succeed and grow.

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April 14, 2020