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We can match Needles Neos’ price. They can’t match our product.

Same price. Better product. Act now.

Myth: It’s easiest for Needles customers to move to Neos because the same company owns both.

Reality: You are likely going to have to migrate your data and train staff, just like you would for any product.

So why not switch to the best?

Come see why GrowPath has been called the “ultimate software for personal injury firms.” Plus we specialize in transitioning Needles clients – it’s painless and easy!

To make the decision even easier, we’ll match Neos’ price from now until March 31st.

GrowPath versus Neos

This side-by-side comparison only just scratches the surface of what you get with
GrowPath. Keep scrolling to read more or contact us for a demo!

GrowPath Logo
Parent Company GrowPath, LLC Assembly Software, LLC
Innovation 20 patents
(and counting)
0 patents?
Knowledge of PI industry designed & run by
industry leaders
Missed deadlines 0 Needles 5.0? Needles
Software GrowPath Neos
Customizable highly customizable
due to patented tech
requires new manual
setup as you expand
Intake best-in-class basic
Case management best-in-class basic
Reporting/analytics best-in-class basic
Caseview single page, expandable
panels (saves time)
multiple tabs requires
constant toggle
Mobile app ?
Lead scoring
Reminders smart reminders basic
Outlook integration
(patented tech
captures replies too!)
Can preserve Needles’ data
Onboarding from Needles easy should be easy
And for a limited time, they’re the same price! Act now!

See for yourself why Needles clients are switching to GrowPath!

Better Intakes

PILMMA members understand the importance of marketing, and we couldn’t agree more.

GrowPath makes it easy for your staff to identify the clients you want and sign them — before they have a chance to call your competition.

All using patented technology you will not find elsewhere. We promise you’ve never seen intake software like this before.

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Streamlined Case Management

GrowPath was built to save you time and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Ever.

With less clicks for each action, case information at a glance, and more powerful tools, you will be amazed at how much more productive your staff can be.

In fact, GrowPath users have reported processing cases a month faster (or more), leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profit.

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Superior Analytical Tools

Our clients rave about how much easier it is to manage their firm with GrowPath’s reporting tools.

It’s easy to see what’s going on and who’s working on it. GrowPath will alert you to any potential issues, and you can also see how well your marketing is working.

Best of all, GrowPath reports are auto-generated, and all in real time. No waiting. No human error. No day-old data.

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New tool for tracking performance – great for remote work!

See who’s slipping and who your best performers are empirically. Benchmark against past performance or others with similar workloads. Use this information to develop best practices, motivate, and reward your staff.

And, as always, GrowPath will notify you if anything seems awry, with any employee or case.

You won’t find anything else like this on the market. It’s just one more reason GrowPath is the ultimate software for personal injury firms.

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You Won’t Find These Elsewhere



Find lucrative mass torts

When your staff types a “trigger” word (like “earplugs” if you want 3M cases), our Buzzwords™ tool prompts them to ask additional questions.


Lead Scoring:

Identify high-value intakes

Define what “high value case” means to you, and our lead scoring algorithm will alert your staff when an intake reaches a certain “score.”


Data Obfuscation:

Protect your client data

We combined military-grade cybersecurity with our patented data obfuscation to give you the most secure platform on the market.


Smart Reminders:

Nothing slips through

Smart reminders automatically appear when needed based on case type and the latest actions taken. Irrelevant to-do lists are a thing of the past.


Single Page Caseview:

Get up to speed quickly

Users report significant time savings with our patented case design. Your view is customized to show you exactly what you need to see.


Email Auto-Notes:

Never copy/paste an email again

Most platforms boast email integration, but only let you send. GrowPath captures replies and attachments as well, and auto-adds them to the record.

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