NJAJ Boardwalk Seminar

NJAJ Boardwalk Seminar: A Jersey Girl Returns Home

It’s no coincidence that I write the follow-up on GrowPath’s attendance at the New Jersey Association for Justice Boardwalk Seminar. I am the New Jersey-born daughter of a lawyer going home for the first time in my role as COO of this highly innovative, Durham, North Carolina-based legal technology company.

This was our first time at the Seminar, and it was fantastic. Noreen Cournoyer and her team put on a great event. We also greatly appreciate Cornelius Larkin and George White stopping by the booth and spending time with us. The NJAJ membership made us feel so welcome. We learned a few things along the way to share with you.

  1. The NJAJ Membership is ready to talk. Bring a big bottle of water and prepare yourself for some highly engaging and interactive discussions. This is not a group who grabs their swag and leaves (although they did love our ribbons). They stop and talk.
  2. The showroom floor is L-shaped. Depending upon your needs you will find a variety of booth locations. There were locations with heavy in-and-out traffic, food stalls if you wanted to take a break, and still others near sessions that might have the right concentration of attendees for you. We hear registration opens up again in June. Be ready to pick your prime spot.
  3. In addition to the networking, a majority of the attendees were also there to earn CLE credits. If you find yourself in need, we recommend considering this show to earn those CLEs. There were multiple tracks and a variety of practice areas from which to choose.
  4. Get out and enjoy the boardwalk. And bring back some salt water taffy for your crew.

For those pondering if you should go home again? Absolutely. Here’s why.

  1. You get TV time. My arrival at the airport made the news. No, really. A delayed rental car shuttle and a chance encounter with WPVI 6abc Action News reporter George Solis landed me on the 4:30 news. Granted, he was picking random people to comment on a current event, but I’m pretty sure he sensed that I was sound bite-worthy.
  2. You see old friends. On our first morning, I saw the husband of a dear friend from high school, and the law partner of the family for which I used to babysit. Turns out, whether you live there or not, you will forever “know a guy.”
  3. The Mall. I spoke to at least 3 people who agree that the Bridgewater Mall is still the best mall in Central New Jersey. Just like when it opened while I was in high school, the mall is always a good topic of conversation.
  4. Everyone’s a fan. The Sixers were playing game 6 of the NBA playoffs and the Carolina Hurricanes were playing Game One of the conference finals of the NHL. One was on the big screen TV with full sound and active audience participation. One was on the bottom right split screen with no sound. The Sixers fans were more entertaining than the hockey game, for sure.
  5. Turn signals. This isn’t a reason to go home again but just know they are a sign of weakness. Don’t use them. Don’t expect to see them. Just hit the pedal and go.

When I wasn’t reminiscing, we were showing them how our integrated case management software is benefiting law firms all over the nation. See you next year New Jersey!