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Stacie Monahan

Success Consultant

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As Vice President of Operations for the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, Stacie Monahan helps lead the firm in its efforts toward realizing “lean operational efficiencies.” Stacie examines and optimizes processes in every area of the firm, from intake to litigation to disbursal and administration. Sometimes this means going step-by-step and examining every aspect of a case. At other times, she assesses and implements best practices for entire departments.

A former insurance adjuster who has negotiated thousands of claims, both pre and post litigation, Stacie is a skilled negotiator with extensive experience on both the plaintiff and defense side. With over two decades of experience in operations, processes, and firm management, Stacie is detail-oriented, aggressive in her pursuit of quality performance, and highly skilled at observing inefficient systems and devising and implementing plans to improve them.

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