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PI Firm Management Software Comparison

It’s not easy to choose the right intake and case management software for your personal injury law firm. There are a lot of different options with dozens of features. But which one should you choose? Rather than grab the first one that looks legit, use our PI case management software comparison hub below to make a decision between GrowPath, the highest-rated case management software on Capterra, and some alternatives.

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What questions should I ask before choosing PI firm management software?

You know your firm needs good PI firm management software, but you might not know how to figure out which is the right solution for your firm. Here are some questions to ask (and answer) before making a decisions.

Can this software help me run my firm more efficiently?

At the end of the day, a software solution should make your firm more efficient at managing caseload, tracking employee performance, and just getting a firm’s daily work done. If a software solution isn’t doing that, it’s not worth whatever price they’re asking you to pay.

Will my staff find it simple to use?

Even the most powerful software in the world is useless if your staff can’t pick it up quickly. Firms shouldn’t waste time and money buying expensive software and then wasting employee hours learning the software. If you want your firm to use the software effectively on a day-to-day basis, it must be simple and easy to use.

What kind of unique features does it have you can’t find anywhere else?

Is the software an innovative solution, or is it just another basic business management tool you could get anywhere else? Does your software offer patented features that aren’t offered elsewhere? If not, why spend your hard-earned money on it?  It not only should be full of features for today, but for tomorrow as well like Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics. This will enable your firm to do more with less.

Is it built by a law firm, specifically for law firm managers?

Some software solutions just take existing tools like Salesforce, which are built for a wide range of applications, and try to turn it into a law firm management tool. You want a software tool that was built specifically for law firms by people who know how to run law firms, and therefore know what features it needs.

Is there good customer support?

No software is complete without good customer support. Without the support and you’re left twisting in the wind if you have a problem, which makes the software useless to begin with. Look for a tool that will be available every step of the way to ensure you have a good experience with it.

Compare PI Firm Management Software

How does GrowPath stack up to the competition? Check out our reviews below.

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Red Flags to Watch for When You Compare PI Firm Management Software

Poor customer reviews

No matter what a software developer tells you, if their customers aren’t singing the same tune, you should run far away. You want software that is making fans of its own customers, not turning them off. For example, GrowPath has scores of at least 96 out of 100 from reviewers in all five categories on Capterra — functionality, ease of use, value for money, customer support, and overall. That means you know what you’re getting, because others have gone before you.

Confusing interface

If you’re sold on a software’s capabilities, you may talk yourself into the idea that you’ll get used to an interface you initially find confusing. However, this is a bad idea. In our experience, a confusing interface isn’t likely to become easier to use over time. Instead, pick something that your staff will find easy to use right off the bat.

Leans heavily on integrations

You’ll come across software that claims to be built for law firms, but really it relies heavily on integration with established software like Salesforce. All you’re really getting is a slightly modified version of general business management software. As a law firm, your needs are more nuanced than that.

Unresponsive customer support

Nothing is worse than coming across an issue with software you’ve invested a lot of time and money in and getting crickets from the developer. If customer support is not responding promptly to your queries now, they probably won’t later when you really need them.

“Old Guard”

Your new partner should have an agile development team that is able to nimbly push our new features, incorporate customer feedback in their roadmap and constantly creating new ways to improve your business. Some software companies even go so far as to patent their inventions, this is most certainly an indication of a company that is building a platform for the future. Many times, historical “leaders” stop pushing themselves and their software becomes dated. This is why selecting the software company with the most clients is not necessarily the right selection.