Get Our Reporting Masterclass

This masterclass by renowned expert on law firm management, Eric Sanchez, blew our minds a little when we first saw it, and sparked a discussion about whether or not we should give away such valuable, somewhat proprietary, information for free.

Fortunately all were feeling generous. The result is what will easily be the most educational 22 minutes of your day (or 37 minutes if you stay for the Q&A portion).

You’ll learn:

  • The best 5 data points to look at when trying to understand the health of your intakes and marketing.
  • How to measure the “weight” of each staff member’s caseload, and why Paralegal A’s caseload of 75 cases may actually be more time-consuming than Paralegal B’s caseload of 100.
  • Top metrics for measuring staff performance and productivity.

“I can count the number of people that I consider true, actual geniuses on one hand. Eric is one of them. He didn’t just show me one better mousetrap. He showed me dozens. When Eric starts a sentence with, ‘Well what if you…’ you need to open up your ears and listen.”

– Stewart Guss, Stewart J. Guss law firm

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