New patents. New CEO. Exciting Changes for GrowPath in 2020.

The entire team at GrowPath welcomes the new CEO, Tara Williams. Tara has been with GrowPath since its inception, formerly as the VP of Customer Success. Now, she moves into the CEO role with renewed energy for leadership, innovation and continued growth. Read more about Tara’s journey

GrowPath has also secured several new patents over the last year, making it a leader in embedded cutting-edge technology for legal case management software. The patents touch on some of these state-of-the-art features:

Lead Scoring Technology

A law firm’s intake process can make or break the firm. Providing courteous knowledge at first contact may be the most significant determining factor in whether the caller becomes a client. Often, the weight of this first impression lands solely on the receptionist, paralegal or intake specialist. Ensuring each member of the firm is capable of providing the right information can thus be a real struggle for even the best firms. 

Nevertheless, many case management solutions fail to recognize this pain point. GrowPath not only recognizes it, but solves it. A complex process works behind the intake scenes, evaluating cases and producing a lead score. Moreover, this score is based on the firm’s own parameters for the particular type of matter.

This score allows intake specialists to quickly take the appropriate next steps in converting all qualified leads. As a result, firms using this highly-configurable evaluation method save valuable attorney time and increase conversion rates. Both of these developments lead directly to more revenue


GrowPath’s Cybersecurity Patents Keep Law Firm Data Secure

Legal case management software houses huge volumes of highly confidential information. Enhanced security is thus a necessity to prevent password breaches, ransomware attacks and other disastrous infiltrations. That’s why GrowPath’s patented log-in method provides an additional layer of security. By requiring a user-provided image as a second factor of authentication in addition to a typed password, GrowPath helps you secure your sensitive files. 

“We take cybersecurity very seriously at GrowPath. In response to recent ransomware attacks on US-based law firms, we created an educational campaign designed to help attorneys and law firm managers acquire the necessary knowledge to keep their firm’s data safe,” explains Ted Seward, VP of Marketing. 

Take a look at these two insightful resources on boosting your digital defense:

The Real Threat to Your Law Firm Data Security

Legal Tech 2020: A Legal Cybersecurity Checklist

Buzzwords™ Technology

Another patented intake feature is GrowPath’s Buzzwords™. Here’s how it works: When an intake specialist or other user types in a triggering “buzzword,” the software displays a descriptive page that prompts the user to inquire further on that issue. Access to this type of information helps law firms uncover additional potentially high-value cases in real time. Watch this video to learn more. 

Contact us to schedule a product demo and give your law firm the best in state-of-the-art technology in 2020!

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