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Second Cybersecurity and Third Patent!

It’s official – we’ve received our third patent, and second cyber security patent.

And like with his first two patents, our chief product officer and resident inventor, Eric Sanchez commemorated the occasion with a new tattoo. (Check out the images below!)

Our latest patent simplifies the authentication process on mobile devices by using the phone owner’s personal photos as the second step in two-factor authentication.

Read the Press Release: NC Company Simplifies Authentication While Enhancing Cyber Security

Check out these photos from the day:

GrowPath CPO Eric Sanchez - tattoo.
GrowPath CPO Eric Sanchez in the chair for his latest patent number tattoo.
Rich LaBrosse with RTP Tattoo Lab
Rich LaBrosse with RTP Tattoo Lab hard at work!
Eric’s forearm with his latest addition – #10,097,538.
October 22, 2018