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GrowPath Client Intake

Add new cases without headache. Pinpoint high value intakes without delay.

Your team deserves a no-nonsense process for client intake. GrowPath Intake simplifies signing new clients with eSign and text-to-sign capabilities, easily integrates your existing case management data into our cloud-based systems, and measures marketing and outreach spend by analyzing the source of every new case.

But that’s only the beginning. To help you identify and prioritize high value intakes, GrowPath Intake scores leads based on the criteria you set. Using our smart search capabilities and AI-powered Buzzword technology, you can rapidly mine existing cases for mass torts and other lucrative cases. And from the moment of intake every potential client’s data is protected with military-grade encryption and security.

The result is easy-to-adopt client intake technology that works smarter and harder so your team can make more money—without sweating your marketing spend.

GrowPath CASEe Case Management Software

Track progress. Communicate instantly. Always drive cases forward.

Imagine every attorney and paralegal in your firm being 10% more productive—faster and more effective communication, fewer mistakes from incomplete information and unclear workflows, and more savings by finding and breaking down bottlenecks.

GrowPath CASEe can help your team achieve their potential and discover the delight of smarter case management. Now you can find case information quickly with powerful search capabilities, get up to speed with customizable case headers and our single page case view, and review any case document inside the app with a single click. Our software streamlines communications with clients using built in text, email, phone and screen sharing capabilities, then records responses so you never miss details.

And throughout each touchpoint, our analytics and management dashboards offer an instant view of team efficiency. Within seconds, you can request and review more than 1 million potential reporting possibilities, including user behavior analytics to identify bottlenecks in your processes. In short, you can mine case data for deep insight—without donning a hard hat.

GrowPath boosted productivity by $2 million in one client’s first year of use. How much could you earn?

GrowPath Intelligence

Never wait for the analysis you need to lead your firm to its best future.

The ability to turn raw data into actionable business intelligence will be the difference between firms that thrive and those that struggle in the new data-driven reality of the legal profession. GrowPath Intelligence equips you to take the lead on this analytics landscape.

Using our powerful reporting and intelligence suite, your team can easily access in-app insight that lets you move beyond intuitive hunches and onto data-backed decisions when growing and managing your practice. To make these insights accessible to everyone at your firm, we offer in-app training to guide your team in how to use these analytics in their daily processes. We also can integrate your firm’s customized training materials for a smooth transition.

By simplifying every step of the analytics process, GrowPath Intelligence empowers your managers to easily identify and remedy bottlenecks in workflows—saving you time and money without squinting at spreadsheets.


At a major law firm in the midwest, we interviewed three paralegals on how they handled case reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Their firm relied on the paralegals to collect data from multiple sources, their firm’s 10-year-old case management system and a mountain of emails, then assemble the reports in Excel. Here is what we learned:

  • Paralegal 1 compiled a daily report, which took her 1–2 hours each workday (22 hours/month).
  • Paralegal 2 handled a weekly report, which took her 6 hours each week (24 hours/month).
  • Paralegal 3 put together a monthly report, which took her 3–4 hours each month.

All together, these multi-step reporting processes demanded 49 hours a month. Assembling the same reports on GrowPath would take a single click of the mouse. That’s a lot of saved time—and a lot less headache for your paralegals.