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Intake Software

Want to sign more cases at your law firm? GrowPath makes it easy for your staff to identify the clients you want and sign them — before they have a chance to call your competition.


Uncover profitable mass torts and derivative cases in your existing caseload. Patented inline prompts empower staff to ask the right questions in real-time and uncover important information that other tools simply overlook.

Marketing Metrics

Real-time marketing data arms you with a competitive edge. Analyze intake conversions and lead source by time of day. This powerful tool provides in-depth data analysis of your marketing efforts. With GrowPath, you can reduce your spending while improving conversion rates.

Matter Trackers

Drive client action and manage your cases with unparalleled precision. Matter Trackers uncovers languishing cases or unacceptable delays. View your critical data on a visually appealing, easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Boost your productivity with streamlined communication. Automatically capture and record emails, texts, and attachments directly in the case file. Send client communications with a single click and stay on top of new developments with in-app notifications.

Superior Analytic Tools

Quick search capabilities and intelligent filters let you retrieve your data whenever and wherever you need it. From client data to firm analytics, easily search and access your key information.


Automate reminders by customizing where and when they appear in case workflows. Keep your team organized with integrated to-do lists, intelligent reminders, and clutter-free case files.

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Case Summary

Pinpoint critical dates by case type and status. Instantly estimate case values. Call, text, or email in one click for effortless, documented client communication.


Standardize essential case information across the organization with customizable note templates. Rich text formatting and dictation keeps your case notes organized and accessible.

Document Merging

A true time-saver in custom document creation: key fields are automatically populated, eliminating frustration and the risk of error.

Document Management

Drag and drop to add new documents. Intuitive filter-and-sort functionality makes documents easy to find, access, and review. Easily link social media accounts, maps, and Google Drive documents.

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