Remote Workforce Toolkit

Manage your remote workforce with ease. From productivity tracking to staff collaboration, from remote printing to confidential communications, GrowPath can help you thrive amidst the upheaval.

Why GrowPath - Meet Jim

What problems was GrowPath legal case management software created to solve? Watch this short video and discover the GrowPath difference.

Cybersecurity Checklist

Are you following law firm cybersecurity best practices? Here are 22 questions to ask about the current state of your legal cybersecurity.

Need Consulting? Meet Eric

Are you ready to transform your law firm operations? Need an innovator with a proven track record of success? Then you need to schedule time to meet our Founder, Eric Sanchez

ROI Calculator

Use our ROI calculator and see just how much more revenue your firm could generate with next generation legal case management.

GrowPath COVID-19 Update

Cloud-Based Law Firm Management

Better Intakes

Ensure every qualified lead becomes a client with cutting-edge intake features that score leads, simplify conversion, and track communication — all while measuring marketing and outreach spend. Patented technology educates and guides your intake specialists through client intake in real time.

Streamlined Case Management

Measure progress, communicate instantly, and drive cases forward with worry-free client management software. Time tracking and calendar scheduling software lets your team collaborate efficiently across complex processes. Targeted, intelligent reminders and enterprise-level security push your law firm into overdrive. 

Superior Analytical Tools

It’s time to expect more from your legal case management software: Tailor your business intelligence dashboard to the way you monitor your business. Access data quickly and always have visibility of the metrics you need for efficient law firm management and growth. 

GrowPath Customer Reviews

I thought we were closing cases quickly before, but GrowPath completely revolutionized our practice. Our clients are happier, our staff is more organized, and the results speak for themselves.

James S. Farrin, Law Offices of James Scott Farrin

Prior to creating GrowPath, I ran one of the largest plaintiffs’ firms in the Southeast (200 staff, 14 locations). We couldn’t find a tool that could do everything we wanted, so I built one, taking what I know about software and combining it with nearly 20 years of knowledge on how to efficiently run a PI firm.

The tool that resulted was so powerful and revolutionary that the firms I consult for also wanted it. That’s how GrowPath was born.

Eric Sanchez, GrowPath Founder

We caught a potentially million dollar mass tort solely because of the Buzzwords feature.

Michael J., Attorney

In our first year using GrowPath, we reduced our average case time by a month, which translated to $899,843 in extra revenue.

Michael M., Attorney

With GrowPath I can instantly see where all of my cases are, who is handling them, what status they are in – everything! Plus I’m able to see how my marketing is working.

David C., Firm VP

I have to say I did have reservations at the beginning but now, seeing what GrowPath has to offer, life has been much easier.

JoEllen M., Firm Administrator

I love being able to access GrowPath from anywhere! If I’m thinking about a case late at night I can quickly log in from my laptop at home and check what has been done or set a reminder for myself. The cloud-based data feature has been game changing.

Stephanie M., Paralegal

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