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Smarter intakes. Streamlined communications. End-to-end case insight. All in an easy-to-adopt platform that lets you handle more cases to drive more revenue.

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The Premiere Practice Management Platform

  1. Intake

    Add new cases without headache. Pinpoint high value intakes without delay.

    It has never been simpler to integrate new cases into your firm’s systems. GrowPath Intake identifies and prioritizes follow up for high value intakes, empowering your staff to collect key information and create action-ready reports quickly. Our tools also monitor the efficiency of your marketing to maximize your spending. Once cases are in the system, our machine learning Buzzwords technology will mine case data for new opportunities. The result? You convert more quality clients faster and easier.

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  2. Case Management
    Case Management

    Track progress. Communicate instantly. Always drive cases forward.

    Our platform seamlessly shares the right view of every case in your system. Drive cases forward with smart checklists, customizable case types, and essential information at a glance. Get the big picture with custom case headers, then contact clients instantly with in-app text, email, and calling from the case record. By streamlining client communications, securing document production, and updating the record in one platform, you can save hours on each case— driving ongoing financial gains for your firm.

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  3. GrowPath Intelligence

    Never wait for the analysis you need to lead your firm to its best future.

    Make better decisions at every point in your operations with easy to access analytics insight. By converting case data into actionable advice, your team can find and remove bottlenecks at every point in your operations. To make these insights accessible to everyone at your firm, we also offer in-app training in how to use these analytics in daily processes. This delivers end-to-end value by improving decision making across your team without squinting at spreadsheets.

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“I manage eight attorneys and 1000 cases at any given time. In our first year of using GrowPath, we shortened our average case time by three weeks. That translated into hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra revenue.”

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Features that Power Your Practice

  1. Improved Intake Process
    Improved Intake Process

    GrowPath makes it easy to sift through your new cases and find gold. Start by identifying what “high value” means to your firm, and then empower your staff to gather essential information, pinpoint valuable cases, and prioritize follow up to sign those clients quickly with eSign capabilities. This drives new business without spending a dollar more on marketing.

  2. one click communication
    One-Click Communications

    Instantly contact clients, adjusters, and other case stakeholders via text, email, or voice call. With a single click, your paralegals can text or call case contacts and share key details and documents directly from the case record inside GrowPath.

  3. Worry Free Document Management
    Worry-Free Document Management

    Never again search through unorganized local drives for the latest version of a key file. GrowPath stores your documents inside case records, letting you instantly view files inside the application. Adding a document to the case file is a simple drag and drop, and you can email directly to the case file to automatically save attachments. This saves your paralegals precious minutes on each document they process every day—adding up to big time savings.

  4. Buzzword Technology
    Find High Value Cases with Buzzword Tech

    Uncover lucrative mass torts with our patent-pending, AI-powered Buzzword technology. Put simply, this feature recognizes key terms and phrases (such as diabetes, mesothelioma, etc.) to prompt intake staff to dig deeper and find high value opportunities. By rapidly analyzing intakes and cross-referencing key terms from across your cases, Buzzword ensures you never miss the high value cases that drive the most revenue.

  5. Rapid Reporting
    Rapid Reporting

    Cut report preparation time in half with GrowPath’s powerful, customizable reporting capabilities. With one shared source for case-related data, you never need to merge case data from multiple locations—our multi-layer search capabilities let you generate thousands of reports in seconds.

  6. Smart Management Dashboards
    Smart Management Dashboards

    Gain full transparency into your firm’s workflow with GrowPath’s agile oversight capabilities. From customizable case headers to event timelines to user behavior analytics, you have all the tools needed to quickly identify bottlenecks and maximize efficiency across your operations.

  7. Rapid Reporting
    Marketing Measurement Tools

    Measure the ROI of every marketing initiative with our marketing analytics and reporting tools. By linking your marketing activities from any channel, GrowPath will show how well each commercial or campaign drives results—so you never have to take a marketing agency’s word for it.

  8. Military Grade Security
    Military-Grade Security

    Protect sensitive case data from upload to access to storage. Any information you share on GrowPath is safeguarded by military-grade encryption, and then backed up on our private cloud in real time.  And because you choose the multi-phase and multi-factor authentication options that fit your firm, you never need to compromise operational efficiency to have unparalleled security.

  9. No Nonsense Implementation
    No Nonsense Implementation

    Begin your GrowPath journey by migrating your records from existing systems with zero risk and zero headache. Because GrowPath’s Customer Success team have extensive experience in plaintiff firms, they can grasp the nuances of your case data and systems. This delivers a smooth implementation, including merging documents, importing data, and setting up your custom configurations. Our Customer Success team also offers both remote and on-site training to help you drive value from GrowPath quickly.