Legal Case Management Software Built for Your Firm

Get software that manages all of your metrics, cases, and to-do’s in real-time.

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Case Management Software That Ensures No Client Is Left Behind

Obtain Better Cases

Improve Client Case Management

  • Enhance new client experience
  • Track key performance indicators
  • Leverage business intelligence
  • Optimize your firm’s performance
Lead Generation Management Software
More Benefits

Improve Client Outcomes

Streamline Communications

  • Enable collaborations within teams for more efficient processing of cases.
  • Ensure complete version control with live updates on documents.
  • Enjoy easy access to all related documents with a centralized location for files.

Real Time Updates

  • Eliminate the need for follow-ups or updates.
  • Ensure all documents and records are collected in a timely manner.
  • Capture multiple communication channels including email, texts, and reports.

Version Control

  • Enable role or department level permissions for sensitive case details.
  • Assign roles to groups and individuals to control permissions.
  • Easily manage complex compensation systems while ensuring the data is secure.
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Legal Case Management Software FAQs

Legal case management software helps personal injury firms run more efficiently with less manual effort. Before case management software, firms were dependent on notes, miscellaneous documents, or pure memory causing overlooked tasks, delayed follow-up, and missing documents. Implementing GrowPath legal case management software eliminates those weaknesses, and provides deeper insight necessary to make better business decisions for the firm.

In the past, lawyers heavily relied on locally installed software. Your workflows and processes will determine what features your firm will need to run more efficiently. One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based software is the ease of access: all necessary files in one centralized location that updates in real-time.

Yes, the benefits are limitless for your firm. You will see improvements at each point of on the client journey, from the point of intake to task automation, reminders, follow-ups, workflows, and ROI analysis. Case management software improves daily processes. It also captures data and displays data meaningfully so firm leaders can make better business decisions.

It is vitally important to choose the right legal case management software for your firm’s needs. Based on your workflows and processes, it will determine what features your firm will need to run more efficiently. With features come new benefits related to in-depth reporting and ROI analysis. These are all functions that would provide insight to make better business decisions at your firm.

  • OneDrive Integration
    • Seamless integration to enable a cohesive file experience, enhance collaboration, and support user controls and permissions at the document level.
  • Buzzwords™
    • When your staff types or plaintiff says a “trigger” word (like “earplugs” if you want 3M cases), our Buzzwords™ tool prompts them to ask additional questions. This allows for less training and faster onboarding of new employees.
  • Dynamic Real-Time Scoring
    • Define what “high-value case” means to you, and our AI-based Lead Scoring algorithm will alert your staff when an intake reaches a certain score.
  • Matter Trackers
    • Searchable, reportable, and up-to-date repository of all legal matters; configurable rules reducing data entry; track results by resource across your firm.
  • Communication
    • Stay in touch with your clients via email and text (SMS and MMS) without leaving GrowPath. All communication is automatically stored appropriately.
  • Analytics
    • Get the metrics you need to run your practice off data-driven decisions (not gut feelings). Find bottlenecks in cases, identify top performers on your team, increase productivity, and control spending.  GrowPath by far leads the market in reporting and analytics.
  • Smart Reminders
    • Smart Reminders automatically appear based on priority, case type, and actions taken based on rules. Irrelevant to-do lists are a thing of the past. Automatically cleanup reminders upon case closure.
  • Patented Algorithms
    • GrowPath is pushing the market using artificial intelligence and algorithms. AI enables your firm to do more with less.  AI is a differentiator that enables your firm to scale and win more cases while not hiring an army of support staff.
  • Alerts and Notifications
    • Don’t let time-sensitive tasks get lost. With our rule-driven Smart Reminders, you will never miss an event-driven activity. Smart Reminders tell your staff what to do and when.
  • Phone Integration
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration with providers like RingCentral (and more coming soon) enables real-time use of Buzzwords and Lead Scoring via natural language processing of the call transcript. Get more from every call.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • GrowPath is setting the standard for leveraging AI and other advanced technologies like Big Data. We have new features constantly under development to maximize your firm’s efficiencies and revenue growth.
  • Single Page Case View
    • Users report significant time savings with our patented case view design. Your view is customized to show you exactly what you need to see.
  • Case Notes
    • Capture, organize, and quickly find notes for individual cases or across a group of cases. The ability to find notes through advanced search capabilities is unique to GrowPath.
  • Email Auto-Notes
    • Most platforms that boast email integration only let you send. GrowPath captures replies and attachments as well, and auto-adds them to the record.
  • Mail Merge
    • Advanced mail merge capabilities enable mass communications. Leverage pre-built templates or create your own.
  • Data Obfuscation
    • Work securely behind military-grade cybersecurity and our patented data obfuscation – the most secure platform on the market for your clients’ data.
  • Caseload Management
    • View all your cases by stage and identify where potential overloads or bottlenecks exist. See all of this in real time in an easy-to-read dashboard.
  • Calendar
    • Track deadlines, dates, and appointments all within GrowPath. Easily filter by case, attorney, paralegal, event, or any other case attribute. Additionally, sync with your Outlook Calendar to never be out of date.
  • Settlement Optimizer
    • Claim full value for every case across all elements of loss. Negotiate each offer and counteroffer easily and effectively with our Excel-based settlement calculator. Automatically account for jurisdictional or firm-specific requirements, such as apportionment of settlement funds.
  • Workflows
    • Automate tasks for your specific case type processes to greatly reduce administrative time and improve office efficiency. Automatically assign tasks to resources based on rules, and track completion to assure cases are moving forward.
  • Integrations
    • Out of the box integration with OneDrive, MS Exchange, MS 365, RingCentral, AssureSign,, and Lead Docket, with more coming all the time.
  • Cloud Resiliency
    • Only GrowPath has multiple cloud providers (Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure) to deliver a near perfect infrastructure that will virtually always be available. Having access to GrowPath will not be an issue.
  • E-Signature
    • In today’s environment, people want to sign documents electronically via tablets, phones, and laptops. GrowPath has integrated AssureSign so you do not need to worry about managing additional vendors and contracts.
  • On-site Backup
    • Worried about access to your cases and documents in an Internet outage? GrowPath offers optional on-site backup to keep your work flowing.
  • Referrals
    • Does your firm need to track cases referred to other firms? GrowPath enables your firm to send, receive and track referral cases securely and in real-time via email. Firms can also approve or reject the referral based on the Matter summary.
  • Create, Edit, and Manage Documents
    • Create and edit all of your documents via Microsoft (Word, Excel, etc). Store them in OneDrive and share them across the team in real time, one document at a time or in bulk.