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Every Client Cared For, All the Time

It’s never been easier to see what needs to be done and who’s working on it. All at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Finally – a smarter way to work.

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Cases Move Faster

The instant you experience GrowPath, it’s obvious it was created by people who know personal injury case management software inside and out.

Our combination of patented tools, better organization, and streamlined processes mean cases just flow faster – making for happier clients and more satisfied employees.

GrowPath users report processing cases a month faster (or more), leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional profit every year.

After the First Year

Our users saw significant profit increases

GrowPath moves cases through your funnel faster, so you can handle more cases in less time.

Feisty Firm

(3 Attorneys, 7 Staff)

2 Month

reduction in avg. case length


Recurring Annually

Growing Firm

(7 Attorneys, 20 Staff)

1 Month

reduction in avg. case length


Recurring Annually

Large Firm

(46 Attorneys, 150+ Staff)

27 Day

reduction in avg. case length


Recurring Annually

Nothing Slips Through

With GrowPath, you get peace of mind. Our platform will notify you if anything is awry with any employee or case.

Get notifications if a client hasn’t been talked to recently. Or alerts on approaching statutes of limitations. Spot bottlenecks at a glance. See if one employee is outperforming the rest.

We make it easy for staff to spot issues in their caseloads, and our smart reminders distill what needs to be done into manageable, to-do lists each day based on what’s happening in their cases.

With Needles, we didn’t get what we had wanted, which was automatic reminders to plan out your day for you, to make it easier for the case managers to run their cases. With GrowPath, the day’s all planned out for each case manager, which I really love.

Thomas, Chief Experience Officer

Prior to creating GrowPath, I ran one of the largest plaintiffs’ firms in the Southeast (200 staff, 17 locations). We couldn’t find a tool that could do everything we wanted, so I built one, taking what I know about software and combining it with nearly 20 years of knowledge on how to efficiently run a PI firm.

The tool that resulted was so powerful and revolutionary that the firms I consult for also wanted it. That’s how GrowPath was born.

Eric Sanchez, GrowPath Founder & Advisor

We caught a potentially million dollar mass tort solely because of the Buzzwords feature.

Michael, Attorney

In our first year using GrowPath, we reduced our average case time by a month, which translated to $899,843 in extra revenue.

Michael, Attorney

With GrowPath I can instantly see where all of my cases are, who is handling them, what status they are in – everything! Plus I’m able to see how my marketing is working.

David, Firm VP

I have to say I did have reservations at the beginning but now, seeing what GrowPath has to offer, life has been much easier.

JoEllen, Firm Administrator

I love being able to access GrowPath from anywhere! If I’m thinking about a case late at night I can quickly log in from my laptop at home and check what has been done or set a reminder for myself. The cloud-based data feature has been game changing.

Stephanie, Paralegal

We never would have emerged from the pandemic as unscathed as we did without GrowPath. It’s been key to our ability to work remotely, measure the quality of cases and leads coming in, and continue to make sure everything is pristine with every employee and case. If your firm does plaintiffs work, I strongly recommend taking a look.

Attorney Jeremy M., GrowPath client

Powerful Tools to Save You Time

Here are a few of our clients’ favorite case management tools – including patented
ones you won’t find elsewhere.


Get up to speed in seconds

Patented designs highlight key information, so you can discuss a case immediately if you get an unexpected call.

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Spot issues in caseload

GrowPath’s matter trackers give you a high-level view of your entire caseload, highlighting cases which may need attention.

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Never miss a step

Patented smart reminders deliver manageable, daily to-do lists to each user based on what’s happening in their cases.

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Easy, quick communication

Call, text or email parties while in the client record. Responses are automatically stored in the file. Automate frequent communications.

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Documents at fingertips

Store, search and send documents in app – from anywhere. Create new documents and auto-fill with client information.

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Robust notes, little effort

Use speech-to-text and templates to easily create case notes. Tag a reviewer. Filter or search to find past notes quickly.

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Your view, your way

Growpath offers unmatched flexibility to customize your view. Choose your colors, panels or tabs, and more for optimal productivity.

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Military-grade cybersecurity

Your client data has never been safer. We have two cybersecurity patents and take security very seriously. Want onsite backup? No problem.

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