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About Us

Lawyers Turned Technologists

We discovered the delight of case management made simple.

The Trailhead of GrowPath

How Our Journey Began, and Where We Want to Go

Black Farmers Case
The Vision

We always knew case management could be smarter. The software that most law firms relied on for case intake and management was dated, difficult to learn, and frankly mediocre. There had to be a way to process simple cases quickly and extract maximum value from promising opportunities—all without missing key details or losing our minds.

In 2010, GrowPath founder Eric Sanchez helped win one of the largest class action suits in US history for the National Black Farmers Association. This suit awarded $1.25 billion in damages to thousands of African American farmers across the country. But this win didn’t happen easily. Eric led a 180 day claims process involving 384 meetings handling 22,000+ claims, and had to Frankenstein together a tech stack that could manage it all. Tackling a case with this kind of volume inspired Eric to ask: “Why isn’t there a better way to process cases at scale and give both the law firms and their clients the efficiency they deserve?”

We found the answer in designing our own case management software. By building our operational expertise into an easy to use cloud-based platform, we could help firms unlock the full potential of their cases. This powerful and proven tech would drive more revenue, save more time, and help firms power the future of their practice.

We always knew change in the legal industry would not come if we waited for some other firm to figure it out. With GrowPath, we are actively engaged in research and development to provide our customers the best possible platform for case management—giving them the technology they need to leave their competition in the dust.

The Minds Behind GrowPath

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Eric Sanchez
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Ginny Allen
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Tara Williams
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Carl Heimel
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Dan Wichman-Buechser
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Josh Langholtz
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Jason Dew
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Sally Hall
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Ashley Brown