Lead Scoring: Case Lead Intelligence for Personal Injury Law Firms

Assign the right personnel to the right cases with lead scoring.

Assign The Right Personnel
To The Right Cases With Lead Scoring

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Lead Scoring Tools That Identify High-Value Intakes

Obtain Better Cases

Sign Better Intakes with Unique Lead Scoring Model

  • Sign High-Value Cases Faster Than Your Competition
  • Determine Efficiency of Your Marketing Channels
  • Identify Better Cases That Help Grow Your Revenue
  • Real-Time Lead Scoring Based on Your Firm’s Criteria
Lead Generation Management Software
Prioritize. Qualify. Score.

Patented Lead Scoring Process for Faster Intakes


  • Prioritize new cases based on AI-powered and patented Lead Scoring algorithm, providing lead scores that are easy to understand.
  • Route and notify the marketing or sales teams based on dynamic scores and workflow rules.
  • Drive sophisticated complex actions and workflows via GrowPath’s Lex Brain.


  • Improve profit margins through workflow automation with our predictive lead scoring.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through automatic updates and communication.
  • Improve efficiency by leveraging Lex Brain to automate workflows across your firm’s processes.


  • Tailor GrowPath lead scoring to your workflow and business rules.
  • Stay nimble with GrowPath’s flexible lead scoring architecture.
  • Scale with GrowPath’s lead scoring as your firm expands into new practice areas.
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Ready to Start With Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring FAQs

Lead Scoring helps sales and marketing teams by effectively prioritizing which leads are potentially most valuable to the current sales pipeline and organization. Utilize Lead Scoring to efficiently allocate resources to high-value incoming cases.

Pick the cases you want most from incoming leads with proprietary Lead Scoring algorithms.

Identify your firm’s workflows and processes. The software will use that information to automatically begin learning how leads should be scored.

Predictive lead scoring uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to ensure all incoming leads are prioritized properly.

Lead Scoring helps the firm identify incoming cases that require immediate attention, and ensures high-value cases are directed to the right personnel.