Preparing for Your
Case Management Demo

Sign up for a demo to discover the latest advances in case management software, and download this checklist so you know all the right questions to ask.


The checklist covers general questions to assist in choosing your case management software. For instance: Is the software built for specific practice areas? What are the terms of the contract and what specific services will be provided? So access our handy checklist below to help prepare for your case management demo!


A good checklist dives into feature-specific questions. For example: Will the software integrate smoothly with tools you are currently using? And what workflows could be improved by adding certain features?



Our checklist provides you with questions to ask about technical issues, such as security, data storage, and system requirements.

Prepare for your case management demo by downloading this comprehensive list of targeted questions. Streamline your research and make sure you select the best case management software for your firm.

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