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Eminent Domain Law Firms Searching for Case Management

Law firm staff hold a magnifying glass, looking for case management software

Eminent domain practices involve thousands of clients facing a large, often implacable opponent. If any errors are made, deadlines are missed, or documents are missing, their fair compensation is at risk. And these cases often take months or years to progress, requiring you to keep clients in the loop and keep tabs on many moving parts. GrowPath helps you keep it all in order and moving as quickly as possible – with less work!

Every day, you deal with property owners, appraisers, engineers, planners, and a condemning authority that’s most likely a governmental entity. You battle for just compensation for your client, the property owner, against the inevitability of eminent domain.

How? You find value by using your own process and tools to help your client get more money. Now, what if your process was even more efficient and packed with even more tools that would help you and your client come out better in the end?

That’s what great case management software does. That’s what GrowPath does in three distinct ways.

#1 GrowPath Gets Your Law Firm More Cases

The first step for any eminent domain law firm that wants to make more money is to get more cases – but not just any cases. GrowPath’s case management software helps you get more of the cases and clients you want.

  • Intake Perfection – Whether you have an intake service, an internal team, or even if you do it yourself, GrowPath can help you optimize your intake calls, get the info you need, help you identify the cases you really want, and sign them quickly.

Learn More: Our Patented Lead Scoring Tool

  • Marketing Intelligence – If you’re spending any money marketing, GrowPath can help you optimize it. Know what’s working, when it works, and how to allocate your marketing spend in an easy-to-understand report.

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#2 Work Eminent Domain Cases Smarter, Faster, and Easier with GrowPath

A law firm owner sits peacefully having managed his time and tasks with GrowPath

GrowPath was made for eminent domain firms. You can’t make the government or condemning authority work faster, but you can be one step ahead of them, every step of the way. That means communication and preparation are paramount, and GrowPath assists with both.

Whether you’re keeping in touch with private property owners in the path of an upcoming project, deep in the negotiation phase with the condemning authority, or entering the litigation phase in a business condemnation case, GrowPath’s tools make it easier. Here are a few examples:

  • Add all relevant counsel, plaintiffs, defendants, court contacts, and experts as involved parties to a case, and have updates to each of those parties automatically made across all associated cases
  • Track and note which involved parties may be adverse to your client’s interest; warning notes are automatically appended to that party on other cases
  • Customize smart reminders to your specific state practice so no deadlines ever slip through
  • Make routine tasks easier with form letters that automatically populate case information as needed
  • Search by multiple data points – like property address, project #, parcel #, docket #, and more – to quickly and easily retrieve exactly what you need
  • Use best-in-class analytics to gain insight into past results on similar parcels or with the same right-of-way agent

Imagine sending emails to multiple property owners affected by a project to update them in just a few clicks. Or knowing at a glance that the assigned right of way agent is known for applying pressure. GrowPath doesn’t just help manage cases. It turns your data into a powerful time-saving and money-making tool.

Learn more: GrowPath is the highest-rated case management software in its category

#3 GrowPath Helps You Make More Compensation for Your Clients and Your Eminent Domain Firm

Eminent domain and condemnation lawyers make more money when their clients make more money. Larger settlement, larger fee. And modern law firms use analytics and advanced reporting, including for help in determining the highest and best use of their client’s land. But that’s not all.

With GrowPath, you can:

  • Leverage data to quickly and easily spot value in cases. If you can input the data, GrowPath can crunch the numbers.
  • Ensure no mistakes and no missed deadlines. Once the process and the dates are in the system, you’ll get smart, relevant reminders, which help reduce value-diminishing errors.
  • Working cases efficiently means having the time to work more cases. And more cases means more money. GrowPath reduces the busy work so you can focus on eminent domain issues.

If Your Case Management Isn’t Making Your Life Easier, Stop Using It

You live in the convoluted world of the condemnation process, where residents and businesses are looking for the best possible outcome against sometimes overwhelming odds. It’s almost impossible to stop eminent domain, so the focus is usually on obtaining just compensation for clients.

That’s not an easy job. The last thing you need is a case management system that doesn’t fit your practice. If you have to “make it work,” then it isn’t working for you.

Get a highly advanced, feature-rich, easy-to-use case management software solution that pays for itself. Many GrowPath client firms see significant ROI within 12 months. Think about it – if your firm can work more cases more easily without adding staff, that’s pure profit.

Just Compensation for Eminent Domain Clients Just Got Easier

Explore the many class-leading features, time-saving tools, and patented advances that GrowPath offers. We stand behind our work, and support our clients like no other case management system. To find out how GrowPath can revolutionize your eminent domain practice, just talk to an expert of ours here.

January 25, 2023