Superior Analytical Tools and Unmatched Business Intelligence

GrowPath offers insightful business intelligence limited only by your imagination.

Visualize Your Data

Tailor your dashboard to the way you monitor your business, and not the other way around. Live charts let you see the big picture, and then drill down to the most minute detail. In short, GrowPath provides analytical tools optimized for the modern world.

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Spot Potential Issues

Matter Trackers show you all open cases at a glance. In addition, potential issues are flagged in red so you can easily identify areas of low productivity. In other words, welcome to the data-driven reality of the new legal profession.

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Fast, Automated Reports

Shrink your preparation time with powerful, highly-configurable reporting capabilities. Because there’s one shared source for your business intelligence, there’s no need to merge data from multiple locations. And quick search capabilities let you generate thousands of reports in seconds.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Data shouldn’t get days off. Consequently, GrowPath’s intelligent filters provide split-second retrieval of your key information — whenever and wherever you need it. Client reports? Firm analytics? Find answers quickly so you can run your firm on the go.

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