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GrowPath Announces 20th Patent

GrowPath’s Innovative Legal Software Automatically Authenticates and Accurately Routes Email Files into the Case Record

DURHAM, N.C., Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Legal case management software company GrowPath recently reached a new milestone in innovation: its 20th tech patent. The patent is recognition of GrowPath’s unique method and system for routing inbound email attachments. The GrowPath software uploads authorized attachments into the appropriate section of the case record — without the need for any user intervention.

Automated attachment sorting is powered by the logic engine at the heart of GrowPath. The logic engine acts as both security guard and secretary when inbound email arrives. Incoming messages are first verified as having come from a whitelisted (authorized) domain or email address. After that initial triage, the logic engine detects whether there is an attachment to the email, and where to send it.

If there is a valid case or matter ID in the subject line and the message originated from a whitelisted domain, GrowPath’s logic engine takes the body of the inbound email and creates a Note within the appropriate matter. In addition, the attachment is transferred into the case file, streamlining workflows for law firm staff. 

If email attachments are received without a case ID listed, GrowPath’s newly-patented automation still helps ensure that no important communications fall through the cracks. Authorized attachments to valid recipients appear for convenient review when the user logs in.

For GrowPath Founder Eric Sanchez, this marks his 9th utility patent and 15th patent overall. For GrowPath, this continues a successful streak of innovation in recent months. In September, GrowPath announced its 8th utility patent (helping facilitate the software’s Media Buy assessment tool). Prior to that, GrowPath unveiled its patented lead scoring tool for optimizing intakes, its Remote Workforce Toolkit for firms navigating unexpected circumstances, and upgrades to its document management features — including the ability to make any document e-signable.

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December 10, 2020