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It’s Official: GrowPath Awarded 24th Patent, 4th for Buzzwords™ Feature

The legal software company is celebrating its third patent in six months.

DURHAM, N.C., Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GrowPath, the company behind innovative case management software that many law firms rely on, has received its 24th patent and third in the past six months. The new patent is the fourth one related to GrowPath’s Buzzwords™ — a feature that alerts intake staff to potential new cases.

When certain trigger words — customized to the cases each client wants — are entered during intake, staff receive real time prompts to follow up with the caller. In this way, lucrative derivative claims are instantly identified, without relying on staff to recall every emerging tort or catch every possible claim.

GrowPath’s patented advantages in email routing, client lead scoring, cybersecurity, search, and other areas make it a unique offering in the legal tech space. Utilizing AI, automation tools, and a best-in-class logic engine, GrowPath is a proven way for law firms to close cases faster. The all-in-one case management system empowers firms to quickly sign leads, manage a large caseload with extreme efficiency, and make informed marketing choices.

CEO Neal Goffman says users should continue to expect regular enhancements and expansions to GrowPath. “Buzzwords™ is just one example of how our software brings new leads to you. We have the best case management software on the market, and we’ll never stop pushing the envelope for our clients,” he said.

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