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GrowPath and Camp Lejeune: How We Help Firms Help More People

A brain analyzes intakes and pushes the Camp Lejeune cases to a law firm team

In the world of plaintiffs’ firms, and especially those who handle Mass Torts, there is nothing more front and center right now than Camp Lejeune. Mass Torts against the government don’t come along all that often. There are a lot of veterans and their family members and survivors who need help.

How can your firm find and help these veterans, family members, survivors, and others who may qualify? By using our intake, case management, and marketing ROI tools, your firm can help more people.  

Real Firm, Real Results

One GrowPath client firm has leveraged several of the software’s unique features to help sign hundreds of Camp Lejeune cases in a matter of weeks. In large part, they were able to accomplish this by data mining past clients and even turndowns to create targeted Camp Lejeune contact and conversion campaigns. GrowPath’s data mining functionality is also available as a standalone tool, known as Lotto.

GrowPath Capabilities and Camp Lejeune Mass Tort Examples

When it comes to finding and signing Camp Lejeune victims, there are a few key advantages for firms who use GrowPath. We offer tools and features that work together to enable a firm to find and sign more Camp Lejeune cases – or any Mass Tort cases for that matter.

A word bubble of military related words with Camp Lejeune featured prominently

  • Buzzwords™ help your intake staff identify every desirable claim a lead might have
  • Intake tools like e-sign through text or email make everyone’s life easier
  • Automated messaging helps you convert leads into clients effortlessly
  • Marketing analytics show you how to optimize your marketing spend for greatest ROI
  • Case management tools – like our leading document management – let you work every case with maximum efficiency

GrowPath Buzzwords™ and Camp Lejeune

GrowPath users can quickly and easily determine if an intake may have a case. Buzzwords is an active feature. As an intake representative types what a client is saying, it is matched against a database of trigger words you customize. If a client who calls for a car wreck, for example, mentions they have diabetes, an in-line prompt can appear and direct your rep how to follow up. If the caller took a diabetes medication that’s the subject of an emerging mass tort, you’ve just found a hidden claim. That’s right: Buzzwords will help you dig for the cases clients don’t even know they have.

During intake, a Buzzwords alert pops up when a word the prospective clients says triggers it

Example Camp Lejeune Buzzwords

Using Buzzwords is very simple. It’s all about keywords. You choose which Buzzwords trigger more questions for an intake. Your firm can customize the Buzzwords, the questions, and more. For example, you might want to set keywords relating to:

  • Military service, such as Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune, etc.
  • Symptoms of exposure, such as kidney cancer, liver cancer, leukemia, etc.
  • Healthcare history, such as VA, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.
  • And more!

Each Buzzword might prompt your intake rep to ask a new question to see if the caller has a Camp Lejeune mass tort case, and those questions are at your discretion. If you’d like to learn more about Buzzwords and how they can help your firm, see this video.

Intake Tools That Help Firms Find and Sign More Camp Lejeune Cases

GrowPath has intake tools to help you get more Camp Lejeune and mass tort cases.

  • Smart Questionnaires automatically adapt to the information your prospective client is sharing as the intake call progresses. You control the questions, so you can ask questions that might trigger a deeper dive. For example: “Have your or anyone in your family served in the armed forces?” If the answer is no, no further questions about the subject are presented. If the answer is yes, you can create a series of inquiries designed to tease out a possible Camp Lejeune case.
  • Lead Scoring enables you to find the cases you really want. If you‘re seeking Camp Lejeune cases, for example, you might assign a high Lead Scoring value to prospects with past military service, those who may have been stationed in the area, or those who lost military family members to cancer. Leads with high scores can be signed on the spot.

These tools – and others – work together to help you spot Camp Lejeune cases as quickly as possible. Then it’s a matter of signing them, and there are tools that help you do that as well:

  • Text and e-sign retainers during the intake call
  • Matter Trackers help ensure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Automated messaging enables you to convert clients without doing a thing

Real Firm, Real Results, Part 2

To ensure they were finding as many Camp Lejeune cases as possible, the client firm used GrowPath’s dynamic questionnaires to glean the necessary information, and allowed the Lead Scoring tool to accurately assess the quality of a possible Camp Lejeune case. In fact, they trust the patented Lead Scoring algorithm so much, high-scoring Camp Lejeune leads were cleared to be signed by intake staff without attorney review. And with e-signing tools built into the system, that conversion from prospect to client could happen on-the-spot.

An intake is coaxed into becoming a signed client through automated messaging and e-signature tools

Those who did not sign initially received automated texts with customized scripts in conjunction with person-to-person phone calls triggered by Matter Trackers. These tools effectively coaxed many leads into clients. GrowPath enabled the firm to consistently and effectively pursue these leads, creating more opportunities to sign them.

Example Camp Lejeune Intake Sequence

GrowPath users who really put our intake tools to work have a massive advantage. No good case slips through. Here’s an example of how an optimized intake could go:

  • Call answered and source noted for marketing data analytics (see below)
  • Intake representative asks key questions about military service or family member’s service
  • After affirming prior service or family member service, our Smart Questionnaire introduces more questions to identify Camp Lejeune-specific service link
  • Lead Scoring indicates to representative that the case is a “take”
  • Intake representative immediately seeks to sign the client
  • If client signs, one click converts intake file to case file
  • If client declines, representative uses automated texts and emails to follow up, and continues to offer the firm’s value proposition to get the case

Did You Know? Our intake tools are available as a standalone product. You can see how it works for yourself. Just request a demo.

Marketing Optimization for Camp Lejeune Law Firms

There are firms spending hundreds of thousands of dollars marketing for Camp Lejeune cases. You probably see them on television, online, and anywhere they believe there may be a case lurking. But how much of that money is wasted, and how much of it is effectively reaching the target audience?

No matter how much you’re spending – whether you’re specifically targeting Camp Lejeune cases or not – GrowPath includes tools to analyze your marketing spend, calculate your ROI for each medium and time slot, and help you optimize every dollar for better results.

Marketing optimization lets you analyze your ad spends

If you’re using broadcast media, you can upload your media buy into GrowPath, which will track intakes and arrange the data visually. Visually stunning reports make it easy for you to see where your marketing spend is working, and where it’s not. Plus, over time, you’ll see where your marketing dollars are getting less or more effective. Track different campaigns.

For any other media, it’s a matter of gathering information at intake. GrowPath will arrange that data in a meaningful way to give you actionable insight about your marketing initiatives.

Example Camp Lejeune Marketing Analysis

If you’re one of the many firms advertising to get Camp Lejeune cases – or any mass tort cases for that matter – your GrowPath interaction could look something like this.

  • Upload Camp Lejeune-specific media buy into GrowPath
  • Track intake and response numbers as they come in
  • See what media, ad versions, and time slots are producing valuable intake calls
  • Test versions and messaging and see the difference with your own eyes
  • Adjust your marketing spend accordingly to increase your response rate

Example Camp Lejeune Marketing Analysis from uploading your media buy to adjusting your spend

Your firm generates a mountain of data. GrowPath can help you put that data to work to increase your marketing effectiveness. It’s part of our Office Optimizer, and we’d be happy to show you how it works.

Real Firm, Real Results, Part 3

GrowPath stores all communications in a central hub, and our client firm uses that to its distinct advantage. It’s much easier to track communication in one place. GrowPath also calculates response rates. When Camp Lejeune fatigue set in among potential leads and the pool of unsigned clients began to shrink, GrowPath’s marketing analytics tools made it easy to see. The firm was able to transition its marketing efforts into soliciting more attorney referrals.

Case Management Tools for Camp Lejeune Law Firms

Mass Torts are often long, highly-regulated, high-effort cases. With GrowPath’s case management tools, firms can maintain efficiency, communicate effectively, and have all they need to ensure each case is letter perfect.

  • Smart reminders keep your team on task and on time
  • Templates auto-fill from case data, making demand letters, records requests, and the like much easier
  • Gravity reports allow you to manage workloads by calculating team members’ actual burden, not just the raw number of cases. This allows you to shift cases as needed for maximum efficiency, and spot possible bottlenecks

But how does all of that help? Handling Camp Lejeune lawsuits could test your firm’s ability to gather relevant medical records and evidence, and this will be complicated because some of those affected will have passed. That means you may be dealing with surviving family members with incomplete records or data.

Having templated document requests that you can send to different entities – the VA, JAG, and others – means you’re not reinventing the wheel. Paralegals in particular spend far too much time recreating documents. With GrowPath, they can spend more time seeking the vital evidence to make your client’s case.

“No plan survives contact with the enemy,” so the saying goes. What it means in this context is that Camp Lejeune lawsuits aren’t necessarily all going to follow the same route, and new rules (and rulings) may alter how cases must be approached. GrowPath allows firms to remain flexible.

Seeing Is Believing: Get a Demonstration of How GrowPath Powers Mass Tort Cases

Believe it or not, there is much more to GrowPath than you just read. To really understand the true depth and massive advantages GrowPath can offer your firm, you really have to experience it yourself.

All you have to do is request a demo. Hopefully before the next big Mass Tort case comes along.

October 25, 2022