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GrowPath Law Firm Case Management Adds 3rd Cybersecurity Patent, 26th Overall

GrowPath Now Has 26 Patents as It Continues to Innovate for Law Firm Clients.

DURHAM, N.C., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GrowPath, an industry-leading provider of best-in-class legal case management software for law firms, has been awarded its third cybersecurity patent, bringing its total number of patents to 26.

“User authentication is the gateway to a firm’s data,” said GrowPath Chief Executive Officer Neal Goffman. “Even password vaults and secure keychains have a vulnerability – they’re often unlocked with a device. Our new method adds a layer of security that means your firm’s data remains secure even if your phone is unlocked or someone manages to access your laptop.”

U.S. Patent No. 11,265,311 refers to a special “unique image credential” that helps confirm a user’s identity before allowing them access to the platform. The new patent extends GrowPath’s considerable lead in patented innovations in comparison to its competition. It also underscores the company’s relentless desire to make the product better.

“We’re solving problems before they become problems,” said GrowPath Founder Eric Sanchez. “You can’t do that by resting on your laurels. We listen to clients. We live in their world. The firm’s data is everything, so we’re thinking of new ways to keep it safer.”

GrowPath holds two other cybersecurity patents. One deals with data obfuscation and securing sensitive data by converting it to an image. The other is for an additional image authentication method. While biometrics can be falsified and require hardware to function, GrowPath’s more elegant solution is more difficult to circumvent.

Goffman added, “By developing GrowPath from the ground up to maximize the natural convenience and security advantages of a cloud-based platform, we started ahead of the curve. This new, patented security feature proves to our clients and future users that we aim to stay ahead of it.”


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May 25, 2022