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Legal Tech Startup GrowPath Unveils Lead Scoring Tool

Lead score is built by aggregating intake information, such as medical procedures.

Company Recently Awarded U.S. Patent Number 10,656,794; Feature Designed to Facilitate Lead Scoring During Legal Client Intake

(Durham, N.C.) GrowPath, a provider of next generation legal case management software, announced today a new lead scoring tool that facilitates law firm business development and client intake. The tool was awarded U.S. Patent Number 10,503,790 in December and 10,656,794 on May 19th. It powers a feature that allows firms to quickly evaluate prospective cases and determine which client leads the firm might consider accepting — without an additional wait step for attorney review.

One illustration of the feature in action is when intake specialists are fielding phone calls from potential clients. As the specialist enters notes in the GrowPath application, the scoring tool calculates the inputs based on unique criteria established by that law firm to determine a lead score. The feature then prompts the proper next steps, which could include, for example, patching the prospective client through immediately to an attorney.

If it sounds easy, that’s the point: we’ve put a simple interface in front of a sophisticated firm-created algorithm, which allows attorneys to use it to analyze data and drive better business decisions for their law firm, said GrowPath Founder Eric Sanchez. Competition is pressing law firms to make important business decisions, like accepting a case, faster than ever. It’s nearly impossible to do this efficiently without the aid of technology.

About GrowPath

The lead scoring feature is one part of GrowPath’s overall legal software product. The platform includes superior solutions for client intake, case management, and business intelligence. While the company is a relatively new name in the legal technology (legal tech) community, it has been quietly developing its software for many years.

The company grew out of the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. When the Farrin firm was unable to find a suitable software product on the market to help it effectively manage its growing volume practice, it decided to build one instead. In the span of a year, the firm found the product it had built enabled operational efficiency that drove an additional $2 million in annual profit.

As development and market demand for the product grew, the team started to consider spinning it off into its own business entity. In 2017, GrowPath was founded as an independent company. In just a few short years, the company has racked up 18 U.S. patents while bringing visionary innovation to law firms.

Exciting Changes

Last December, GrowPath appointed Tara Williams as CEO. Ms. Williams has operated as an IP and plaintiffs’ attorney for more than 30 years and had an influential role in the creation and adoption of the original GrowPath software. Before her appointment as CEO, she served as Vice President of Customer Success for GrowPath.

When the phone rings and a prospective client is looking for help you need to quickly determine if the case is right for your firm, said Ms. Williams. Speed and responsiveness matter, but so too does making good decisions. GrowPath is focused on helping attorneys drive profitable growth. This is just one example of how we help, and it all starts with innovation.

GrowPath provides cutting-edge legal case management software for law firms nationwide. Its SaaS-based product offers lawyers and legal professionals a better way to manage their cases, from client intake to case resolution and profitability analytics. The software is easy to use and enables firms to improve the efficiency of the legal services they deliver to clients, which in turn decreases stress and boosts revenue. In its drive to supply law firms with innovative legal technology, GrowPath has acquired 18 patents related to its software. 

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