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GrowPath’s Innovative Lead Scoring Patent

Lead Scoring, which calculates the potential value of a case, is GrowPath's latest patent.

GrowPath’s Revolutionary Approach to Legal Intake Allows Law Firms to Score Client Leads Better

GrowPath’s lead scoring patent derives from the need for better ways to analyze data using complex algorithms. This should occur without end users needing any advanced training in mathematics or computer science. Our customers are attorneys. They need visually appealing, easy-to-understand reports that analyze data in ways that help drive better business decisions.

This patented feature provides the ability to search databases based on user-definable parameters. Moreover, it incorporates multi-layered queries and complex algorithms while still allowing users to easily create logic hierarchies with multiple conditions. The results are then presented in a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing manner, taking law firm intake to new heights.

So What Does That Mean? How Exactly Would a Law Firm Use This Technology?

GrowPath lead score example with estimated fee per month
GrowPath Patented Lead Scoring Algorithm

One popular example is lead scoring for law firm intakes. GrowPath’s lead scoring feature allows firms to evaluate potential cases based on a predetermined set of variables. This results in a value or score. Conveniently, firms can create a different lead score formula for each claim type the firm handles.

Law firms receive many calls from prospects. Intake specialists ask relevant questions of each caller to identify the legal issues involved. As the intake specialists type notes into the software, GrowPath employs the newly-patented feature. At this point, the software compares the entered information to the variables set by the firm and generates a score.

GrowPath’s patented technology accurately evaluates the case based on the firm’s parameters. Next, it produces a lead score and automatically notifies the intake specialist of that score. The specialist can then quickly determine if the case is of low or high value. In real-time, the software prompts the intake specialist to take the appropriate next steps in converting the prospect to a client.

This streamlined process eliminates any delay that might result in the prospect signing on with a competitor.

Innovating Law Firm Intake and Workflows

GrowPath’s adjustable evaluation method saves valuable attorney time and increases conversion rates. Both of these advantages lead directly to greater firm revenue and client satisfaction. GrowPath Founder Jim Farrin puts the short and long-term benefits of this approach in context: “When the phone rings and a prospective client is looking for help – you need to quickly determine if the case is right for your firm. Speed and responsiveness matter, but so too does making good decisions. GrowPath is focused on helping attorneys drive profitable growth. This is just one example of how we help, and it all starts with innovation.”

GrowPath has a history of innovation and plans to continue its relentless push to transform law firm operations. In just a few short years, the company has amassed 30+ U.S. patents and brought hyper-efficiency to numerous law firms.

Lead Scoring in Legal Tech Gets an Overhaul

The lead scoring feature is just one part of GrowPath’s overall legal software product. The platform includes unparalleled solutions for client intake, case management, and business intelligence. Previous patented breakthroughs include the powerful Buzzwords™ feature for discovering derivative cases (watch this video to see how it works). Another popular patented feature is an extremely secure, image-based login method to protect clients’ confidential information.

To learn more about GrowPath’s legal software — including its superior approach to law firm intake, its highly-secure case management system, and its robust analytics functionality, schedule a demo now.

May 27, 2020