How Can You Tell the Difference Between a Good Performer Who Is Overwhelmed and a Poor Performer?

Are you experiencing staff performance issues at your firm? Data is your friend here. But tracking productivity trends is only half the battle.

Once you identify a performance issue, you still need to dig deep to determine if a dip in a paralegal’s work efforts stems from the individual or from a firm-wide issue only then can you act.

Download this e-book for several key questions to evaluate when reviewing productivity issues at your firm.


Bonus: Check out the short video on page 5 in which law firm management expert Eric Sanchez discusses the importance of having a good grasp on case status and related tasks to determine the true causes of productivity declines.

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New tool for tracking performance – great for remote work!

See who’s slipping and who your best performers are empirically. Benchmark against past performance or others with similar workloads. Use this information to develop best practices, motivate, and reward your staff.

And, as always, GrowPath will notify you if anything seems awry, with any employee or case.

You won’t find anything else like this on the market. It’s just one more reason GrowPath is the ultimate software for personal injury firms.