Increase Revenue
through Insight-Driven Marketing Analytics

Learn How to Analyze and Leverage Your Data for Better Marketing ROI and More Profit

Using data to drive marketing decisions: that’s marketing analytics in a nutshell. But what data should you analyze? How often? And how do you leverage it to maximize ROI and help your firm succeed and grow?

GrowPath’s business intelligence analyst, Melanie Weires delivered a compact, powerful webinar to PILMMA members about data, decisions, and marketing success. Now it’s available to you at no cost. Register to receive access to the webinar, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Monitor data and make timely marketing decisions to seize opportunities (and fix mistakes)
  • Understand long-term trends and take action to stop declines
  • Ensure your marketing partners are living up to their end of the deal
  • Analyze how marketing channels affect one another
  • Recognize when the message, not the medium, needs to change
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not in your people, processes, and technology

The insights are powerful. The steps are simple. And the results could amaze you. What don’t you know about your firm? Watch the webinar and look at your data in a different way.

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