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Better, Faster Intakes

Get the cases your competitors want and sign them before competitors can.

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Staff Easily Identify Good Cases

It’s easy for your staff to know when to ask a potential client to sign – because GrowPath tells them to. It also tells them when to ask more questions to find additional cases, and gives you valuable data on marketing performance.

Everything in intake is faster, more efficient, and a seamless workflow.
– Mike, Attorney

Don’t Let Great Cases Slip Away

Text or email clients retainers while they’re on the phone. Need follow up? GrowPath automatically schedules reminders for your staff – flagging high-value intakes, and lets you know if any caller is being neglected.

We ensure every caller has a great experience. Every. Single. Time.

Unmatched Intake Tools

Here are a few of our clients’ favorite intake tools – included patented ones you won’t find elsewhere.

Marketing Clarity

Attract more valuable cases with GrowPath’s extensive built-in analytics tools. Make data-driven marketing decisions to increase your marketing ROI.

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Lead Scoring

As your staff enter information about a caller, this tool assigns a score based on your firm’s criteria. Once the score reaches a certain threshold, it will alert them to sign the case.

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Intake-to-Case in One Click

Once callers sign, seamlessly convert their intake files to case files with a single click. No duplicate data entry.

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Find lucrative mass torts. When your staff types a “trigger” word (like “earplugs” if you want 3M cases), our Buzzwords™ tool prompts additional questions.

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Text & E-Sign Retainers

Strike while the iron is hot. With one click, your staff can sign clients mid-call via text or email. Once signed, that retainer is automatically added to the client record.

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Smart Reminders

Don’t let clients slip away. Timely, relevant reminders make follow-up easy, and flag high-value intakes for prioritizing. Get alerted if any intakes are being neglected.

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Smart Questionnaires

Does that car accident victim also have a workers’ comp case? Our smart questionnaires prompt additional questions so callers only get the right questions at the right time.

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Powerful Search

Search all previous intakes – not just case files – fast. Want to see if any callers ever took a medication that has since been discovered to be dangerous? Done.

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Take a Tour

Curious about one of GrowPath’s robust intake features? Learn more by watching the short videos below.

If you’re not using GrowPath, you’re losing ground.

It’s as simple as that. GrowPath’s peerless suite of intake tools is miles ahead of the competition. If you’re not using them, the competition could be miles ahead of you!

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